Editorial: Be mindful, we are Fighting two main pandemics at the same time

There are two main pandemics at the moment.

1. Coronavirus
2. Hunger virus.

There are two main group of people at the moment in Ghana
1.The rich
2. The poor.

The the global irony and Ghana outlook.

The rich is afraid of the virus. The poor is afraid of hunger.

The rich wants the poor to stay at home to avoid the spread, but hunger won’t allow the poor to stay at home.

The poor fears that if they stay at home, the hunger virus will kill them. The rich fears that if they also come out the coronavirus will kill them.
What a delicate issue.

My diagnosis
In other to restore the world or Ghana to it’s normal social equilibrium. The rich should assist the poor with food, so that they can stay at home.

When the rich succeeds in keeping the poor at home by providing enough food.
The spread of the coronavirus which the rich fears the most will be chased out!

This is common sense…..Yet because some people have the microphones, all you hear is stay at home. How can they stay at home when the hunger virus is at home.



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