Editorial: “You cannot demonize Paul and happily feast on Kevin Taylor’s vomit” – Manye Akweley

Paul Adom Otchere appears to be dividing opinions at this time of our lives, depending on where you stand with his style of journalism. Good Evening Ghana, the popular (or not so popular) political show is one of the longest on prime time television in this country.

Almost every known political actor has been on that show, same to as economists, religious leaders, journalists and more. And every topic is permissible on the show, so far as the panellists are sensible enough to stick to the issues and not draw a dagger at each other, even if they disagree.

But the show, according to some critics, has lost the sweet fragrance it started. It is now a forum where Paul takes on those he doesn’t like, his critics say. For those who may not be familiar with what those critics say, Paul has an opening segment he’s titled: “Editorial

In that segment, he states his opinion on an issue and in the process, go after the personality. He’s done it to almost everyone, including fellow journalists one would have expected he wouldn’t, but that is who Paul is.

He calls a dog by its name and cares less how the said dog barks. I have had the chance of seeing some of the editorials on Facebook, and pretty much disliked how he took on the personalities when the issues were there to be discussed.

Somewhere last year for example, whilst discussing the banking crisis, he went after the Governor of the Central Bank, Dr. Ernest Addison. He received plaudits from those who believed ( and still believe) he did well.

They praised him for his professionalism and encouraged him to continue on that path. It was that same path that got Zenator Rawlings, daughter of the former First Family and MP for Korle Klottey in Accra.

The MP, who was sharing food among some vulnerable people in her constituency, claimed her political opponents had demanded party cards before handing out food to the poor and hungry.

Apart from her rant on a video which had since gone viral, she was unable to substantiate her allegations with any video or material evidence. Her claim was however debunked by the Gender Ministry, who said the distribution of food was done with a section of the army, so wondered how could anyone in his right frame of mind ask for party cards from the beneficiaries.

Whilst presenting his editorial, Paul took Zenator Rawlings and cautioned her to desist from playing politics with a sensitive issue if she doesn’t have any evidence to buttress her claim. Paul made reference to the MPs rich background and advised her to desist from the dirty politics associated with the enterprise in Ghana.

But the editorial didn’t go down well with both the top hierarchy of the NDC and its sympathizers, who have since spent days trying to dig into Paul’s background, as a way of getting at him. He’s been branded a liar, opportunist, fake lawyer, evil and unprofessional journalist. Others have even suggested he goes to where the grass is greener. I must confess I don’t know Paul that well, beyond seeing him on television.

But one thing that intrigues me about those attacking him is that they have not been able to give a grain of evidence to support what Zenator Rawlings said for which Paul took him on. It appears they are not interested in that; theirs is to go after Paul, kill him and bury his remains, so he won’t come up with such a “ stupid” editorial again.

Ironically, some of the persons attacking him are high profile persons associated with the NDC at the top.

These persons who brand Paul a fake or bad journalist, are the first to sit behind a table and feast on the vomit of Kevin Taylor, an American based Ghanaian Internet journalist who has gained notoriety for speaking the “truth.”

These people see Mr. Taylor’s style of ‘journalism’ as the standard Paul should aspire to because it exposes the evil in society. They spend a fortune on data to watch Kevin Taylor, who can look them in the face and cook a lie as the truth for them to swallow, and they do so with happy faces.

These same critics of Paul see nothing wrong with Kevin Taylor using his platform to attack people, including claims he knows their bisexual status. Is that the style of journalism they want Paul to copy and paste on the editorial? How is it that they are able to freely lick the vomit of Mr. Taylor but are up in arms with guns, running after the blood of Paul Adom Otchere?

I am certainly not a fan of Paul but if you can happily share videos of Kevin Taylor spewing daylight lies in the name of the truth, then, you should have the stomach to contain that which Paul said.

Now the question is; are you going to watch Paul when next the show comes on?

Manye Akweley


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