NPP communication’s officer challenges Daniel Amaning Danquah for integrity test

NPP communications officer calls Daniel Amaning Danquah for integrity test

Fanteakwa South Communication officer for the New Patriotic Party, George Obeng Asiedu has called for an integrity test for parliamentary candidate, Daniel Amaning Danquah.

According to him, the Parliamentary candidate is soiled with lots of allegations which should have even disqualified him during vetting but was allowed to pass through.

The allegations as per the communication officer is just a tip of the iceberg, as he has more to tell about the candidate. In the allegations, he used “no.2” which is the ballot position of the Parliamentary candidate in the upcoming Parliamentary primaries.

Below is the allegations levelled against Mr Daniel Amaning Danquah, by the communication officer, just as he wrote them

Facts for inquiries
1. That no.2 hasn’t sponsored mahama campaign in 2012& 2016?
2. That no.2 relationship between him and lordina
3. That no.2 isn’t receiving sponsorship from mahama n lordina?
4. That who sponsored the drilling of the boreholes in the constituency?
5. That no.2 and mahama family have secret meeting about going independent should in case he’s to lose the primaries?
6. That if no.2 hasn’t been called at NPP headquarters to answer some questions that he was humiliated?

These were just few issues more to come

The communication officer is believed to have been from the camp of the incumbent Member of Parliament who’s seeking another term from the kingmakers of the party in the constituency


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