Housemaid Beaten To Death And Hanged To Cover The Cause Of Her Death By Madam

A woman named Nene Steve, has been arrested by the operatives of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department of the Lagos State Police Command for reportedly killing her housemaid, Joy Aboel.

Nene steve was accused of having beaten the housemaid to death went ahead to hang her in order to make it look more like a suicide.

The incident occurred at No18, Ogundola Street, Bariga, Lagos.

Speaking on the tragic incident, Aboel’s elder brother, Mr Philips Ejeh, said: “The deceased was an indigene of Benue State brought to Lagos through an agent.

“She started working with her as a maid in January 2020 through an agent.

“She reported that her boss has refused to pay her and anytime she asked her boss for her salary, she will start beating her.

“She was making arrangement to leave the place, but due to the total lockdown, she stayed there until Sunday when her boss said she caught her stealing one Indomie noodle and this led to her serious and beating, where her master hung her to death.

“The madam said she hung herself after so much beating.

“How can someone hang herself her legs remain on the ground?”

“My sister engaged herself for the job so that she will be able to further her education.

“Now she has killed solely because she doesn’t want to pay her salary.

“As I speak to you now, the case has been reported to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Panti, Yaba, while the police have deposited her body in the mortuary for autopsy.

“we urge the good people of Nigeria to come to our aide.”

The spokesman of the Lagos State Police Command, DSP Bala Elkana, also confirmed the incident.

Elkana said Steve and her husband were at Bariga Police Station to report that their housemaid had committed suicide.

He said when detectives visited the place and saw the position of the rope with which Aboel allegedly hung herself, and her position, they suspected a foul play.

This was in addition to the fact that she had various injuries all over her body, adding that this was an indication she may have been tortured to death and not that she committed suicide.

He said: “Police continued with their investigation and found a lot of signs of violence on her body, that she has been tortured before she put the rope on her neck.

“If it were to be ordinary suicide, how come wound and signs of beating are all over her body.”

Elkana added that the police had removed the corpse and deposited it in the mortuary for autopsy to know exactly the cause of the death.

However, the matter has been moved from Bariga Police Station to Panti for further investigation, while the couple have been arrested.

Elkana said they will be charged to court as soon as investigation was completed.


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