Editorial: 4 Reasons Sheila Bartels should be chosen for and by ABN constituency

Very soon, the New Patriotic Party will be going for a poll to elect candidates to represent the various constituencies across the country in the upcoming 2020 election and Ablekuma North is is no exception.

Sheila Bartels among others is vying for the seat at Ablekuma North Constituency.

This Editorial content has outlined a few reasons why she stands tall among all other candidates, and why she should be voted for by the constituency delegates to represent the constituency in Parliament.

1. Sheila is known to all and sundry. Veteran politicians of Ablekuma North NPP like Alhaji Mohammed, Mr Annor, Hon. Joyce Acheampong , Hon. Kofi Ofori, etc, have all attested to knowing and taking pride in the personal development of Sheila Bartels into the politician she is today.

2. Sheila has achieved a lot in the business space, and is rightly considered a leading name especially in the use of financial technology to drive financial inclusion. Politically, Sheila has rekindled the zeal for party activism in Ablekuma North. This is not a surprise since she formed the HOPE campaign in 2016 and led other youth activists to campaign vigorously for Nana Addo to have a sweeping victory nationwide.

3. Sheila has always said that she is not interested in ruling but rather service. Her principle is to do whatever it takes to ensure that ABN patriots are not left out in the sharing of the national cake and she has outlined all her plans to actualise this very clearly.

4. Sheila Bartels is a leader with foresight and we are looking forward to see her charismatic, competent and pragmatic leadership for the upcoming general election and beyond.

Sheila Bartels is on the Fourth (4th) position on the ballot, down at the bottom.



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