Editorial: Ablekuma North Constituency, Know your Candidate; The Sheila Bartels factor

Sheila Bartels understands that, the healthcare of her constituents is very paramount that she fully paid for registration and renewing of NHIS for more than 250 people for free.

This clearly shows that the value of a person resides in what he or she gives and not in what he or she is capable of receiving.

Out of a generous heart, Sheila Bartels was able to Support financially all the Assembly members elected by the party in the just ended District Assembly Elections including those who were not even on her side.

This clearly shows that Sheila Bartels does not discriminate but rather, a correct Unifier.

Sheila Bartels is the only candidate who organised and gave out Christmas goodies to ALL delegates in Ablekuma North.

Sheila is not discriminating or divisive.

Out of a generous heart, Sheila Bartels provided a blood sugar monitor for a polling station executive who had been diagnosed with diabetes.

This particular delegate had been to the MP for assistance but she turned him away with the false accusation and insult that he was a drunkard.

Sheila’s assistance to him came with no strings attached.

Sheila Bartels has supported so many people who called on her to assist with their healthcare needs. She has paid for surgeries, births and various medical treatments. She is also committed to providing healthcare support to Polling station executives as part of her manifesto promises.

We will choose Sheila Bartels over any other candidate because she is truly generous.

We met a delegate who was almost dying because of diabetes.

His leg from the knee down was getting rotten.

Immediately, Sheila Bartels arranged for him to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

She has supported continuous treatment as well as medicine and family support while he recovers.
This man always prays for Sheila.

I will vote for the generous Sheila Bartels to continue to hold Ablekuma North together.

A non-delegate had been sick with swollen legs and unable to walk for over a month when she came across Sheila Bartels. Her husband who is retired, could not afford her healthcare.

Sheila arranged for her to get the necessary treatments until she was able to walk again. She is now able to walk and support herself.

This family is grateful to Sheila Bartels for intervening in her situation.

I will choose a candidate with a generous heart who will help us in need.

There is this party sympathiser – a widow who isnt a delegate. She fell on hard times and could not afford the school fees of her child.

When she approached our MP for assistance, she was turned away because she isn’t a delegate. Sheila heard of her plight and did not only give the woman double of what she needed to pay the fees, but also committed to assist the widow start a small scale business.

Such a generous leader with a clean spirit.

Choose Sheila Bartels for a United Ablekuma North.
Choose No 4.

This is why I will choose Sheila Bartels any day.

I will vote number 4 on the ballot.

Go for the best candidate.

I want a Generous Leader

I choose No.4



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