Editorial: Ablekuma North Constituency, Know your candidate, the Sheila Bartels factor

Sheila Bartels has supported several delegates who were almost kicked out of their homes due to their inability to pay their rents.

Sheila Bartels believes that God gives to us to help others, and she has been giving generously especially to those who are needy and vulnerable.

The Ablekuma North Deputy Youth Organiser, Isaac Ababio approached Sheila Bartels to help with his work and also help him pay his school fees.

Even though he does not support Sheila, she organised and assisted him with a motorbike for his work and also gave him money for his fees.

Indeed, this is a true LEADER with a GENEROUS heart.

Sheila Bartels paid the admission fees of 16 University entrants to support their parents.

She has also supported several parents both delegates and non-delegates in distress with school fees payments for their wards.

We trust Sheila Bartels with the future of Ablekuma North.

During the COVID19 lock down, Sheila Bartels as a private citizen donated over 800 packages of food relief items and related items like hand sanitizers, Veronica buckets, etc to polling station executives, the police and some identifiable groups like Kayayes and drivers.

Her generosity is what triggered the conscience of some others to follow suit.

God richly bless Sheila Bartels. You are the pacesetter.

Sheila Bartels received a distress call to help a delegate who was to undergo an emergency C-section so to deliver her baby.

Sheila quickly mobilised money to both fully pay for the cost of the surgery, and shopped for the baby.

The delegate’s baby has been named after Sheila’s father.

Sheila is indeed a generous person who we will love as our MP.

As human as we are, it is normal to fall on hard times and may need a helping hand to get back on our feet or sort out a critical need.

This helping hand must be timely and should not rob us of our dignity and pride of place.

This helping hand is what the generous Sheila Bartels offers and we pray that God should empower her further through us the delegates so that she can do more.

Before the Covid-19 lockdown was lifted, several families were in distress and called on Sheila Bartels to help.

Sheila went round meeting them and gave additional support to those who urgently needed it.

Indeed Sheila is a leader that Ablekuma North is proud of.

We must all support the kind of leader who gives to others wholeheartedly.

God richly bless you and your household, SHEILA BARTELS

A constituent’s shop was burgled and she called on Sheila to assist.

After a brief visit to the constituent to discuss the incident, Sheila Bartels gave her a cash donation to enable her restock her shop.

Sheila equally assisted another delegate whose home burnt down with housing support to rent a place.

Sheila’s generosity is unmatched and needs our support to do more for Ablekuma North.

Sheila Bartels made a generous donation of 50 bags of cement and undisclosed sum for the repair of roads within the Hindu Monastery area within ABN constituency.

The people in the area are forever grateful to the Generous Sheila Bartels.

She needs power to do more….

Sheila Bartels made a generous cash donation to fire victims of the Otaten Electoral area.

The fire victims and the Assembly man for the electoral area are forever grateful to Generous Sheila Bartels for her kind gesture.

Empower Generous Sheila Bartels with your VOTE to do more…

Vote Sheila! Number 4



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