Editorial: Berla Mundi must be called to order or arrested

Berla Mundi elects to advocate for LGBTQ in Ghana.

It was same Berla who was promoting this illegal act when she was at GhOne TV.

Now she has paraded people who are into that conduct on her show seeking to subtly influence the perception of Ghanaians about this extremely despicable act.

Can a journalist for example parade armed robbers on his/her show in the name of giving them a voice? No! Why? Because it’s illegal. Same is the case of LGBTQ. It’s an abomination per our constitution. And so Berla Mundi must be called to order or must be arrested if indeed we want to respect the constitutional provision that criminalises the conduct.

Let’s keep wide awake, I think the demon driving Berla Mundi is at work.


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