Suhum MP’s COVID 19 Support Project, Sensitization.

As part of the launch “Suhum MP COVID 19 Support Project”, a group of over one hundred volunteers were trained by Suhum health Directorate to engineer the sensitization of the constituents.

For the past weeks, the education by this volunteer group has been of importance to the municipality.

The volunteers have since 14th April 2020 touched over 100 communities and places within the enclave, just to mention of few : Kings palace, Obeng down, Kibi lorry station, Adarkwa lorry station, Akorabo lorry station, Nankese lorry station, Suhum main market, Suhum Amponsah market, Nankese market, Akorabo market, Ghanta, Delako, Urban Council, Nartey Anoma, Oforikrom, Akorabo Zongo, Esikafoabantem, Dr Mabel, Krobom, Kromameng, Volta house, Roman Junction, Ayisikrom, Ayisaa, Old Chocho, Maame Dorya, Oboutumpan, Okada stations, Amede, Sawa, Akote, Trotor, Brong Densuso, Manyhem, Aboryor, Suhum New life, Roundabout, Konfan, Akorabo Newtown, Agyeikrom, Akorabo Quarters, Densuso, Obretema, Omenako, Niifio, Tei Mensah,Addo Nkwanta etc also thse places were not left out mechanic shops, saloons, sewing shops, stores, food vendors, homes and many other essential units within the communities visited.

The education is to give enough information on the COVID 19 pandemic to the constituents and teach them how to observe the precautionary measures laid out by the President of the Republic Nana Akuffo Addo :

1. Stay home when we don’t have any important business to do in town

2. Regular and thorough washing of hands with soap under running water and use alcohol-based hand sanitizers

3. Eschew Hands Shakes

4. Preserve a distance of at least two(2) meters from one another

5. We must observe social and physical distancing

6. _Stop picking your nose, touching of your eyes, et al after coming into contact with many people_.

7. _It is advisable to be physically active,drink plenty of water,eat healthy food,avoid stress and have enough sleep._

8. We must inculcate the habit of wearing prescribe face masks always as said by the President

I took my time to keep an eye on their education, it was observed that the constituents were happy seeing such a swift response team by the MP, Hon Frederick Opare-Ansah to school them on the novel disease and what the President is doing in curbing and abating the spread of the disease.

They were also grateful for the provision of Poly Tanks, Alcohol-based hand Sanitizers, Washing Soaps, Rubbing Alcohol, Veronica buckets etc. They said Oliver twist always ask for more and should not concede his livelihood support for the communities under his county.

I also have an engagement with some of the volunteers, they articulated their profound appreciation to the MP, Hon Frederick Opare-Ansah for involving them in his project and pledged to do their viable best to sustain the project in reaching it ultimate goal. They also urge the general public not to gag with the corona virus since it doesn’t have any political tint, we must as Ghanaian come together and fight till we win.


By Augustine Odei (Director of Communications NPP Suhum)


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