Faytex Pad4All Project Launched in Accra

The critical need to care about menstrual hygiene among adolescent girls and women, in general, has given birth to a worthy cause dubbed the “Pad4All” Project. The project which is to ensure the less privileged in the society maintains personal hygiene during the COVID 19 pandemic and beyond was officially launched in Accra on Workers Day, Friday 1st May 2020.

The initiative which is sponsored by Fay International producers of Faytex Sanitary Pad with Angeles Foundation and Repairer Foundation as organizers will be extended nationwide to ensure that menstrual hygiene protocols are observed by many females. For over twenty years, Fay International has been the sole manufacturer of safe, healthy, sanitary and maternity pads free from any harmful byproducts and carcinogens.

Speaking on what necessitated the action, celebrated media personality, staunch Made-in-Ghana product campaigner, and PR practitioner, Kobi Hemaa Osisiadan-Bekoe who is the founder of Angeles Foundation explained that menstruating girls and women face inadequate access to toilets and water and lack the most basic materials needed for managing blood flow, such as sanitary pad.

Mary Achieng Ojuka, CSR coordinator for Fay International ltd led her team in educating the women on menstrual hygiene. “When you are on your period, you should keep your genitals clean. Since the vagina has a sensitive balance of useful and non-useful bacteria, it is best to avoid any soaps or vaginal cleaning products and wash with warm water instead. Taking a bath regularly helps you keep clean.” She advised.

As a boy-child empowering NGO, Angeles Foundation has since its establishment, championed many He4She initiatives. Interacting with the media, the first son of Kobi Hemaa and the CEO of Angeles Foundation, Boris Nimpong-Osisiadan encouraged males to support females to improve menstrual health and hygiene. Boris admonish that proper menstrual hygiene will not only benefit those who menstruate, but entire societies across generations. At Bukom, professional boxer, Braimah Kamoko, popularly known as Bukom Banku was present to support the initiative. Assemblymen for both mamprobi and new mamprobi lauded the “Pad for All” initiative and encouraged them to extend to other parts of the country.

Kobi Hemaa praised Fay International producers of Faytex Sanitary pads for their consistency in manufacturing safe, healthy, sanitary and maternity pads; while at the same time empowering girls through menstrual hygiene seminars.


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