Editorial: NPP Ablekuma North Decides 2020: The Case of the woman who has the sword and yet is afraid

Just as H.E Nana Addo is going into 2020 elections with the highest confidence and boldness all because his good works are speaking for him all over the country, one will expect the Ablekuma north mp (Akua Afriyie) to mount such confidence if she has indeed worked for general good of her constituents and DEAR DELEGATES of our party as we are being told.

But unfortunately, this is not the case on the part of Akua Afriyie and her campaign team.
The woman with the power (sword) is afraid because she didn’t perform, she was disrespectful to delegates, arrogance and thought four years won’t come again.
Now, out of fear of losing the primaries, due to how she treated the delegates in Ablekuma north constituency, her campaign team has now resorted to propaganda, attacks and insults all over the various platforms just to run her main contender Sheila Bartels down.

An mp who insulted and cursed her own delegates, and treated them like some irresponsible people who can’t feed themselves, thinking she was going to go unopposed in future, now she has no other option than to fear.

It is therefore not surprising that every delegate in Ablekuma north is calling for change. #changeToMaintain

It is obvious that, her suddenly change of attitude is just to deceive the very people (delegates) she and her allies insulted and cursed in some few years ago. But fortunately, the majority of Ablekuma north delegates have decided on Sheila Bartels and no amount of insults or propaganda can change their decision to vote for Sheila Bartels.

Sheila Bartels is more approachable.
Sheila Bartels does not discriminate
Sheila Bartels is very honest.
Sheila Bartels thinks about the delegates welfare.
Sheila Bartels has message that can help us.

Edward Kofi Darko Aning Blay. (Eddie NPP)


2 thoughts on “Editorial: NPP Ablekuma North Decides 2020: The Case of the woman who has the sword and yet is afraid

  1. Thanks for your good work. We appreciate your efforts at trying to get us informed. However, your write ups are full of grammatical problems- vagueness, ambiguities, use of wrong terms, Concord, tense sequence, just to mention but a few.
    Please edit your works thoroughly before getting them into circulation.
    That is the only way by which you can maintain your followers.


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