London-Base NGO, “Speak Out” donates to widows in Nungua

Speak Out (Breaking the silence of Abuse) is a Non Governmental Organization base in London, Raising Awareness & Providing support, Childhood Abuse, Domestic Violence and Mental Health, Speak Out believes together we will rise and raised other.

Founder/President of this noble organization is Ruth Nana a.k.a Ruthy a Ghanaian base in the UK.

Founder/CEO of Speak Out
Ruth Nana Aka Ruthy

Due to the current pandemic issues in the world regrading Covid-19. Life had never be the same for less fortunate families and widows. So she decided with her team here in Ghana to donate to Five (5) widows here Ghana.

The team moved to the first widow called Daavi who resides at Cocoa Beach Nungua in Accra.

Daavi had been a widow for the pass 4years with fours (4) children, the team interogated Daavi the widow of how life moves for her.

Then after, the team donated to her some items Bags of rice, Bags of satchet water, Bread, Milo, Nido, Gari, Sugar and Cooking Oil to ease daily bread.

From there, the Speak Out team moved to the next widow called Mrs Juliet a hairdresser, who also resides at Cocoa beach (i.e about 5km from the first widow). She also narrated how her husband died and left her behind three (3) children with no accommodations , Family members had forsaken them, so they have to sleep in her neighbors hairdresser shop.

Additional, the team donated to her some items Bags of rice, bags of satchet water, Bread, Milo, Nido, Gari, Sugar and Cooking Oil to support her and the kid’s.

The team got to 3rd widow called, Madam Doris, apparently couldn’t to share her story because tears was all over, but the team manage to sympathise with her and she share her story.

She also spoke about accommodations issues since her husband pass away, it had been a tough tasks for her and the two children. The team donated the same items to her.

Moreover, the team continued the trip to donate to the fourth widow called Mrs. Naomi a 65yrs Old widow, with three (3) children and seven (7) grandchildren, in Madam Naomi case her issues was critical, because she couldn’t walk, her condition regards to her health was popes and asked the team to help support with her hospital bills. The team promised her to return with a feedback to help her critical condition. They donated some few items to her.

And lastly, the team visited Madam Cordelia at Lashibi-Accra many calls her the Good Samaritan, She recused three(3) Kids from the street of Accra-Spintex road. These kids usually beg at the pedestrian with their Dad who legs was amputated due a car accident, because of his situation, her wife left him and left the three kids behind, for this man to take care of them. So this situation made the man go to beg on the street to take care of his (3) three children, the oldest was 7yrs(Male), the second born was 5yrs old (Female) and the last born was just 2yrs Old yrs (Male).

Eventually a years after the mother of these children left their Daddy. The man one day fell ill and pass away at the hospital. This was were Madam Cordelia notices they don’t come to the street along with their Daddy, she investigated and heard the story. She then agreed to pick these children to her home.

So the Speak Out team visit her and the three (3) orphans and donated Bags of Water, Bags of rice, Cooking Oil, Gari, Sugar, Milo, Nido and some toiletries.

The team were able to put smiles on their face, gave them hope and a promising future of returning frequently to support them.

Follow their social media handles
On Instagram @speakoutout

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