“I sold my house so I can go to parliament and get it back” – Sam George

Ningo Prampram MP Samuel George doesn’t seem to amaze people, especially those who see him as loudmouth and pedestrian. The young MP, who dethroned ET Mensah, has become very notorious for all manner of avoidable controversies, including the violent by election at Ayawaso, where he was unfortunately slapped.

Mr. George, who is noted for running his mouth but with very little work to show for it by way of output in his constituency, claims he sold his house to finance his campaign that got him his seat.

His admission is really revealing, considering how the over monetization of the country’s politics has become a major source of worry.

“There is a considerable efforts by politicians to pump monies into campaigns and once they win, they spend the period grabbing whatever they think they have invested,” an analyst once said.

“Why won’t such a person plunder when he’s given the opportunity to become a minister or gets even into the presidency,”

Mr. George claims his wife was then pregnant at the time, but he was confident getting to parliament will guarantee him the avenue to rake in money that will help him buy a new house, and live the life of an aristocrat.

Ningo Prampram constituency remains the preserve of the opposition NDC, who have won elections there since 1993. It however has some of the most deprived communities and population. Especially in Ningo where the MP comes from, several families cannot afford a decent meal, or even have enough to raise a business on table top.

Though Mr. George may be re-elected back to parliament by a fan base most of whom are unemployed and with low level of education, his revelation clearly betrays the many who continue to sacrifice their time and energy for either pittance or nothing, in order for him to realize his dream


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