Ex-President Atta -Mills autopsy finally out

Ex-president John Evans Atta Mills died as a sitting president. He died at the 37 Military Hospital. Even though he has a chronic health condition which is believed to be the cause of his death. A lot of people still doubt he died a natural death and believes someone was involved in his demise.

It has been years since he died and was buried but yet still people also dig into matters surrounding his death to the extent that the death of this noble peace – maker has now turned into politics.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) believes Former Vice President and President John Dramani Mahama was part of the conspiracy to take the life of Ex President Atta Mills so he can take over from him.

For them to wait for election year to talk about such things makes it look like they are using it for their own advantage to defame the flag bearer of the opposition party, National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The brother of the Late President Atta Mills speaking on Accra FM today told listeners that rumor going about that the autopsy of the Late President was never out is a total lie.

And that he was there when the autopsy was taking place by the pathologist. He said they even cautioned him that the sight is unpleasant so if he can’t stand it, he can excuse them.

According to him, the autopsy took about three to four hours and he was present as at when they did it. He said the family of the demised later recieved the report after three days.

He added that as a family they are not happy about how the public keeps bruising their wound stopping it from healing faster.

He said the public should stop all those unpleasant comment about his brother’s death and that it is not making the family happy. Atta Mills comes from a family before he become a president and so we should give respect to the bereaved family and the dead.


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