Ministry of Health rejects 9 FDA, CSIR approved medicines for Covid-19

The ministry of health, headed by Hon Kwaku Agyeman Manu has rejected nine herbal medicines which the Center for Scientific and industrial Research, out of the many product that were presented to them for Scientific Research to fight the deadly Covid-19, together with the Food and Drugs Authority have approved.

The Center for Scientific and Industrial Research earlier approved nine Herbal medicines, together with the Food and Drugs Authority and later presented to the Ministry for final approval for the medicines to be used on the Covid-19 patients, but the ministry has totally rejected all of them.

Meanwhile, Madagascar is reaching out to the FDA to scientifically test the efficacy of their herbal cure.

It is believed that we as a country are waiting for a vaccine which is yet to be discovered

Ghana’s Total confirmed cases = 8,070 (new cases = 189)
Total recoveries = 2,947
Total deaths = 36
Active cases = 5,087


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