Roman Father’s secret wife storms his final funeral rites with his nine children

We all know Roman Catholic priests do not marry and are not supposed to have children because according to the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ did not marry and remained a virgin throughout his life on this earth.

Because of this Catholic fathers live a chaste life and also remain unmarried virgins. There has been a lot of debates about this practice as a lot of people are against this practice saying God wants us to give birth to children and what these catholic churches are doing are against God’s will.

But Catholics also decided to answer these people that priest needs to remain a virgin so that he can focus on the work of God because that is what Jesus Christ did and he was able to fulfil what God has sent him to do.

This practice has been going on but today Daily Spot discovered a very interesting story, today is set to be the final funeral rites of a Roman Father called Oti Boateng but there has been a pure drama as a strange woman called Vida Annin together with her nine children stormed the final funeral rites saying that she was the secret wife of the late priest and the kids are for the late priest.

A lot of people were amazed as whether to believe what the woman is saying or not, the woman continued proving herself by showing pictures of herself with her late husband.

This blew an alarm making people at Jamasi Yonso trooping in their numbers to have a look at the secret wife of the roman father and his children.

The Catholic leaders who were present were all amazed and disclosed that their brother and friends who have died didn’t disclose anything like that to them when he was alive.

So my question for you reading this is that, can you be a roman father?

Remember you can not marry and you will be a virgin for the rest of your life oo.


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