Four reasons why women wear waist beads

In the modern day, the wearing of waist beads among women has grown in exponential figures. This piece of art has been embraced wholeheartedly especially by African women.

If you’re a keen follower of Nigerian movies, you will note that most traditional scripts will have well endowed damsels bracing waist beads.

Concerning this issue, men would have mixed opinion as to whether they like women wearing waist beads. For some, it is an awesome ornament while others would simply discredit it as an attention-seeking weapon.

However, here are 4 reasons why women wear waist beads:-

1). To achieve a great body shape. These beads will tell woman whether she is gaining or losing weight. A woman adding a few kilos will feel the beads getting tight on the waist and would look for ways to cut down her weight, that is if she disgusts a big size.

2). To seduce men. In the game of seduction, women too have feelings. For a fact, a woman wanting to be laid may go to an extent of telling it out or sending obvious tell tale signals. Most men generally, may be turned on by a woman with beautiful beads above her waist line.

3). As a symbol of heritage. In Kenya for example, you would find that more Coastal women would be putting on these beads as compared to women residing in other parts. This shows that beads are a critical part of their culture.

4). As an amulet for spells. Some women simply wear beads because they believe they will protect them from ‘evil eyes’. Others believe that the beads bring forth good fortunes.


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