I will give Nana Addo pension letter on 8th December 2020 – Kwesi Busumbru

The founder and flag bearer of the People’s Action Party ( PAP), Kwesi Busumbru has said that he will give President Nana Addo his pension letter on 8th December 2020 after the general elections.

Mr. Kwesi Busumbru has stated that he will unseat Nana Addo and take the position as president in the incoming presidential elections during the official launch of the People’s Action Party (PAP).

According to him, if he begins the president of Ghana, he will renovate the abandoned affordable housing project of former president John Agyekum kuffour and give it to people living on the streets and those in wooden structures.

Mr. Kwesi Busumbru noted that he will maintain the free S.H.S program but regulate it well so that the S.H.S graduate will be able to gain admissions to the various universities by creating more universities in the country.

He added that he will make every boarding senior high school a day school to cut of cost and re-structure the educational system, so that every student would get admission to the nearest senior high school.

Kwesi Busumbru The Flag bearer of the People’s Action Party, Kwesi Busumbru has urged fellow Ghanaians to join, campaign and vote for People’s Action Party (PAP) both Presidential and parliamentary.


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