Bekwai Constituency in Turmoil as Group calls on Lawyer Amofa-Agyemang to contest Joe Wise as an independent candidate

Last Friday, 26th June, 2020, Judith Okyere and Maxwell addressed a press conference at Sanfo Aduam and Ricky Opoku and David also addressed Koniyaw press conference all in Bekwai Constituency, to officially petition Lawyer Kwasi Amofa-Agyemang to contest as an independent candidate in the upcoming 2020 December polls.

Lawyer Amofa was denied the opportunity to contest the incumbent MP in the constituency who is the first deputy speaker of parliamentary, Hon Joe Osei Wusu (Joe Wise) in the just ended NPP primaries. Hence the petition and cries from some party folks, and sympathizers from various communities for Kwasi Amofa to contest as an independent candidate since Hon Joe Wise also became an MP through the same means.

Below is the content of the petition:


Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the press. We welcome you all to this emergency press conference called to officially petition Lawyer Kwasi Amofa-Agyemang to contest as an independent candidate in the upcoming general election.

Since the party opened nominations for this year’s Parliamentary primaries, the incumbent MP, Hon Joseph Osei Wusu and his collaborators have worked together to stifle competition and block the other aspirant, Lawyer Kwasi Amofa-Agyemang from participating in the race, and to ensure that Hon Joe Osei Wusu becomes the only candidate in the primaries at Bekwai this year.

Several unfair schemes have been adopted by Hon Joe Osei Wusu, and the Constituency Chairman, Mr Patrick Adu Gyamfi to deny Lawyer Amofa-Agyemang the chance to participate in the Parliamentary primaries. First, the Party Chairman ran away with the nomination forms, and Lawyer was denied access to the nomination forms until only two (2) days to the close of nominations when he was given the forms, but even that happened after we bused ourselves and travelled to the Party Head office in Accra to demonstrate.

Upon completion of his nomination forms, the incumbent MP and the Party Chairman locked the Party office and Lawyer Amofa-Agyemang could not submit his forms at the Party office.

Then came the time for vetting. These same people worked together to ensure only Hon Osei Wusu was recommended.

Lawyer Amofa-Agyemang filed an appeal against the decision of the Regional Vetting

Committee, though we were reliably informed that Lawyer Amofa-Agyemang has been cleared to contest the primaries, but the Party hierarchy played hide and seek and refused to make the Appeal Committee’s report public.

What made this even more worrying was the seeming complicity of the Party Hierarchy to abort the democratic processes and engineered to ensure only Hon Osei Wusu got the chance to stand for the primaries.

The people of Bekwai Constituency are aggrieved and wish to make it clear to the Party that we will not accept the imposition of Hon Osei Wusu on us in the 2020 elections. The rank and file in the Constituency are fed up with Hon Osei Wusu and want a new Candidate for these number of


  1. High rate of youth unemployment in the constituency.
  2. Lack of job creation and opportunities in the constituency.
  3. Lack of youth development plan in the constituency.
  4. Lack of electricity in eight (8) communities in our constituency.
  5. Failure in creating equal opportunities for all constituents.
  6. It’s an open secret that host of people who are in the good books of the MP are undertaking galamsey (illegal mining) in the constituency. These people have destroyed all the water bodies in the constituency with impunity.
  1. Disunity in the constituency.
  2. The need for a tertiary institution.
  3. Failure to fulfill earlier promises to the constituents (Provision of fridges and television for teachers in the constituency, provision of cylinders to Anwiankwanta buffloaf sellers etc.)
  4. About 14 communities have also threatened to abstain from voting in the parliamentary and presidential elections after Hon Joseph Osei Owusu was presented as the sole parliamentary candidate.

We are by the above reasons appealing to Lawyer Kwasi Amofa-Agyemang to contest as an independent candidate for our dear constituency. About 90% of we the youth in the Bekwai constituency declares our unflinching support.

We wish our appeal would be considered.

Thank you
Team Lawyer Amofa fan club

054271 4909
05466781 56
0546341 347


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