Official: Educate Ghana Summit now Educate Africa Institute

Educate Ghana Summit, the Non Partisan Think Tank Body, is transforming its operational scope to the African continent to help Restore AFRICAN VALUES through our Ancient Education System.

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In the light of this, we wish to rebrand Educate Ghana Summit as EDUCATE AFRICA INSTITUTE from whence.

With solidarity, self esteem and a positive mindset, it is hoped that, we can reinstitute our Ancient Education System(our backbone) to help restore our African Values for total liberation.

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Our current Education System is truly an indoctrination and it has brainwashed Africans to disown their culture worth through religion and partisan politics. On this breadth, we are unable to discover how powerful and rich the African continent is in the world.

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The youth of Africa cannot continue to be homeless at home. We must be able to practice what we learnt in school to create our own world now. This is the time.

We urge all and sundry to continue the marvelous and genuine works with us.

Educate Africa Institute, Restoring African Values.

Thank you.

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