The 2020 Election looks scary, stand tall for all Educate Africa Institute to security agencies

“East or West, home is best”

The ongoing registration exercise has turned into fight in this era of enlightenment in Ghana meanwhile we have cultured security agencies commanded by very refined leadership. What is wrong with us? How do we determine our future as a serious nation?

The upcoming 2020 election looks like a war front considering the immature acts by some politicians and their bootlickers in this voter registration exercise.

Please, the registration centres are not conflict zones. Things are really getting out of hands due to partisan politics(NDC and NPP focus) under the watch of our sleeping Peace Council. We care not about the progress of our rich country but too vigilant with our political parties and sacrifice our lives to ensure the wellness of some greedy politicians. What a hopeless era full of stranded young people. We’re killing and damaging our fellow countrymen plus their properties. Lives are at risks as we speak because the registration has not ended yet.

A question worth asking is if registration exercise is sending people to grave, what will happen during the general election?
It is so embarrassing to see a Minister and a Member of Parliament firing gun at a registration centre in a so-called self defense.

“Unity should be the cornerstone of relations” Haile Selassie.

To the national security, your actions can no longer hold water. The level at which you are slumbering is too much. You promised to serve the country to the satisfaction of all and sundry but it seems you lost the key to operate your engines then and now. You have totally lost credibility for the sake of order- from- above system, refuse to be influenced and stand tall for all to relegate the violence scenes.

I therefore condemn some dirty comments made by Sammy Gyamfi and some NPP members. It’s just a privilege, leave a positive mark. We need peace! We need unity! Violence begets violence! You could have preached peace rather than preaching violence. There is no need championing your party footsoldiers to prepare to face your opponent in a fight in revenge.
Let us maintain this managed environment we have been enjoying for years.

“To agree to have dialogue is the beginning of a peaceful resolution”.

My dear citizens, we are one people. Let’s fortify our solidarity and uphold the flag of Ghana in truth for the truth is light. Ghana first.

I am a citizen of Ghana.


Boadi William
President of Educate Africa Institute, Educationist and Motivational Speaker.



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