“Debate Tracy Boakye, Gloria Kani And Not Nana Addo If You Want A Debate” – Afia Shwarzeneger Slaps John Mahama

A Ghanaian Actress and bossom friend of Mr. John Mahama, Afia Shwarzeneger has chastised Mr. Mahama for saying that if he wants a debate between him and H.E Nana Addo over who has done a lot of infrastructure projects for the country, then he should debate Tracy and Gloria.

According to Afia Shwarzeneger, Mr. Mahama should rather debate Tracy Boakye and Gloria Kani in order to clear his name if he thinks he hasn’t done things that they are accusing him of.
She explained that Mr. Mahama doesn’t deserve the attention of H.E Nana Addo because what Nana Addo has done for this country is uncomparable.

She stated that she will support Mr. Mahama’s call for a debate between him and H.E Nana Addo after he has done with Tracy Boakye.


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