SHS Female Student Curses Teacher Who Rejected Her Love Proposal

Call it what you want to call it but this is the situation in which we find ourselves in – it is the new norm.

Teachers are usually blamed for unnecessary teacher-student relationships in our senior high schools but this girl proved otherwise. In the conversation, the girl tried to confess her undying love towards her teacher but ended up raining insults and curses on him when he rejected.

In the conversation, the student sends her teacher a message with an unknown number and later reveals her identity as Jessica.

She tells the teacher she has something to ask. The teacher tells to carry on possibly thinking it’s something related to her academics.

She however burst the bubble by proposing her undying love towards her teacher. The teacher rejects and the respectful and humble student turns “savage” and rains insults, threats, and curses on the teacher and his generation.

Check out these screenshots


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