W/R: Dompim-Pepesa Chief’s Palace set ablaze

A Chieftaincy disputes at Dompim-Pepesa a community in the Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipality of the Western Region yesterday, 26th August 2020, erupted when Dompim-Pepesa Chief Palace was set ablaze.

Allegedly, police were said to have stormed Dompim-Pepesa palace to enforce court order to eject the embattled chief but undisclosed source emphasize that the victim Ohyeawora Bian Nyonwa Panyin was unable to comply with the court order.

Dompim-Pepesa Palace

The Dompim-Pepesa Ohyeawora Bian Nyonwa Panyin narating the incident to Vision1 FM Western Regional Correspondent Benjamin Bray, he said at the early hours of 5:30am yesterday he was asleep when his spouse alert him that police officers and alleged macho men have encroached the palace.

According to the Ohyeawora, the police began to eject his family members from the palace where his rival macho men also started to remove palace furnitures and other materials from the palace.

Nana Ohyeawora emphasize that he was not issued with any documents “court order” before the incident when the alleged police and macho men stormed Dompim-Pepesa palace to execute their duty at the palace with the said court order.

Dompim-Pepesa Palace under fire

The Chief, Ohyeawora Bian Nyonwa Panyin said about three teargas were fired into the rooms at the top floor where he and his family were hiding including 8 months old baby.

Information gathered indicate that, after the teargas were fired Ohyeawora Bian, 8 months old baby and the rest of the family members escaped through a window frame where they were hiding.

The Dompim-Pepesa Chief Ohyeawora Bian Nyonwa Panyin was escorted to Dompim clinic for health check-up where later his spouse brought to the health facility after their sneaked out.

Report that is gradually reaching, indicate that Ohyeawora Bian Nyonwa Panyin was found guilty on a traditional ruling concerning chieftaincy issues in the area where Ohyeawora proceeded to Sekondi High Court to seek for an appeal.

Moreover as to the individual or group of people that set the Dompim-Pepesa palace ablaze are yet to be identified.

Meanwhile the Sekondi High Court is said to resume sitting on the Dompim-Pepesa chieftaincy disputes on 15th October 2020.

Filed By: Benjamin Bray -Vision1 Fm


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