The Most Wicked And Lazy People On Earth Are Residents Of Komenda – Kennedy Agyapong

Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has said that the residents of Komenda are naturally lazy and wicked and will do anything to sabotage any developmental projects.

According to him, he had a bitter experience with the residents of Komenda and realized that the Komenda Sugar factory was going to fail. Speaking on KFM TV disclosed how he and some partners decided to revive the Komenda Sugar factory some years ago.

He said that his partners and himself acquired 11,000 hectares of land to plant sugarcane which will be used to feed the factory in order to ensure consistent production. However, some residents sent the farm ablaze after receiving their compensation for no reason.

“I’m not afraid of them. The people of Komenda are naturally born bad. These people are wicked and also lazy at the same time. You burnt my farm but now who is suffering? You are suffering and I’m here doing very well. I knew the Komenda Sugar factory will fail but I didn’t want to be a prophet of doom and even if I had said anything about it, they would have said because it’s another political party so I had to be quiet about it.”


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