Ghanaians are not ready to re-elect a leader with credibility Bankruptcy – Edmund Kyei to Mahama

The Ghanaian electorate of today are more enlightened pertaining to governance and they are well abreast with issues of the economy, so it is difficult to swindle them.

Recently ex President Mahama has been making vain promises to the Ghanaian electorate in order to win their votes, meanwhile he was against the same policies when he was the head of state and steering the affairs of this nation.

During Mahama’s tenure of office he said, and I quote ” I am not a magician to employ you” this is what he told unemployed graduates and now he is saying he will create 1 million jobs if he is elected. He also said Free SHS will collapse Ghana’s education system but he is now claiming he brought Free SHS. He further stated he will not restore teacher trainees allowance even if it cost him his re-election but he is now saying he will maintain trainee teachers and nurses allowance. Mr Mahama led campaign to reject the introduction of Ghana card but he later went to register for the card including his wife.

During his tenure he increased electricity tariff and told Ghanaians if we want light we should pay more, he is also saying he will legalise okada but during his tenure of office most okada riders were arrested and they were told it is illegal to operate okada, because he wants votes he is trying to say he is holier than the Pope.

As ex President Mahama said “Ghanaians have short memory” but I am reminding him what he did when he was steering the affairs of the nation, the biggest scam of the decade was Mahama’s $10 billion Hope City project.

With this track record, I think he is credibility bankrupt and needs to stand aside and learn from His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-addo who is shaping the tattered economy you left.

… signed…
Edmund Kyei
Asokwa Constituency 1st Vice Chairman
Member of NPP National Communication


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