Abura Asebu Kwamankese is not for sale – Alvin Jackson slaps NDC’s Felix Kwakye Ofosu

Mr. Jackson said the good people of AAK will not be the “Esau” in the current dispensation to sell their birthright to a foreigner.

It’s very appalling to see certain individuals, because of their selfish interest try to impose someone from nowhere on the people of AAK.

He asked the political figure key questions below:

√Mr. Felix Kwakye Ofosu should show us his family house and who his family head is?

√Tell us what you did for us as a minister for eight (8) good years.

√He should just mention one project he brought to Abura Asebu Kwamankese or a Chief or a village he visited during his 8 years as a minister.

√Which Chief from the three traditional states did he invite at his vetting or any other occasion as a minister?

The former deputy minister, was rejected at Cape Coast North when he went there to contest. Later, he went to Mfansteman constituency where he was also rejected as well because he’s neither from there nor qualify as a normal residence. So WHY AAK?

He further stated that, maybe few people in NDC in the constituency can take money from him and sell their birthrights but the traditional authorities, opinion leaders and the general population will not sell theirs.

The people in the constituency cannot and will not sell Abura Asebu Kwamankese to a foreigner, so after December 7th polls the former deputy minister of information can go back and collect whatever anyone took from him.


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