PNC flagbeare appoints Emmanuel Wilson Jnr as the New Campaign Manager for 2020

The People’s Convention Party (PNC) Flagbearer, David Apasera, has expressed appreciation to the party’s delegates for contributing in the successful of the party just-ended congress.

“As the Flagbearer and Leader of the People’s National Convention, I would also like to appreciate all those who contested but unfortunately could not win.

“We believe in your competence and would encourage all of you to, with immediate effect rally around for us to unite and go into the General Elections,” he said in a press statement.

Mr. Apasera also revealed that Mr. Emmanuel Wilson Jnr. has been appointed as National Campaign Manager for the 2020 general elections and as PNC Director of Elections.

“Due to limited time, I would use this medium to officially announce the National Campaign Manager for the 2020 December Elections and the PNC Director of Elections in the person of Mr. Emmanuel Wilson Jnr, he added.

The campaign team led by Mr. Emmanuel Wilson Jnr shall with immediate effect constitute and inaugurate the party’s regional and constituencies campaign team.

In the coming days, Mr. Apasera said, it shall be announced to the PNC membership and the general public, the national campaign calendar of activities, including the launching of our manifesto.

Full statement below

Story: Sheila Satori Mensa


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