“The Incompetent John Mahama is a pathological liar” – Suhum NPP communications Director

Honesty is of God and Dishonesty of the devil; the devil was a liar from the beginning…Joseph B. Wirthlin

Friday 6th November 2020, the indecisive and incompetent John Mahama was in the Suhum Constituency once again.

In 2016, he visited the people of Suhum at midnight and exactly so did he repeat in 2020.

This affirms what the Bible says; and that is the thief only appears in the evening.

I’m therefore by this communique correcting the gross lies he spewed to the good people of Suhum.

John Mahama said roads within the Constituency should be well maintained after it has been tarred and the simple question I’ve for him is, which of the roads in Suhum did he maintain, for instance Amanhyia to Akorabo to Kukua where his Chief of Staff, Julius Debra hailed from which was tarred by NPP 1 did he even for once think of maintaining it?

It’s NPP 1 who tarred that road and the NDC left it without patching it with a teaspoonful of coal, NPP assumed power in 2017 and now the Amanhyia -Akorabo -Kukua road is being tarred again, common maintenance NDC lacks it.

The corrupt Mahama again said they brought asphalt to Suhum inner roads. They should show us the roads they asphalted or he thinks we have short memories.

He instructed his appointee to paint our roads with NDC logo, is that the asphalt for Suhum?. Your lies this year to Suhum constituency has been exposed.

Suhum constituents have seen major developments under the NPP led Nana Addo administration than the abysmal performance during your tenure.

Suhum electorates should reject NDC because they didn’t treat us well, John Mahama told us in 2016 that he’s not a magician to create jobs for our teeming youth, today the magician NPP has created over 2million jobs which Suhum has gotten its part.

Let me use the opportunity to list some employments created under the NPP administration from 2017.

372 have been employed under NABCO, 35 in Youth in afforestation ,332 under Youth Employment agency, 110 under cocoa pollination, 16 under the security services, teachers, nurses and others.

The voter community will attest that when it comes to developmental projects in Suhum, it only happens under the NPP not NDC as corrupt Mahama said to Suhum constituents, we are calling him and his cohorts for a debate on sectorial development in Suhum, where we will expose them more.

John Mahama seems not to amaze me when he insults the people of Suhum that when you take a sheep and cloth it with NPP colours, people of Suhum will vote for it; this statement is moronic and inane which shouldn’t have come from the former President.

Thanks to Mahama that he said in this year elections lies won’t wash, the election is about truth.

When you compare NPP to NDC in governance, it’s like comparing oranges to lime. NPP has performed better than NDC in all sectors.

Suhum our lives are good and better under NPP than NDC.

Under the NDC, dumsor killed people and destroyed our jobs, the rate of unemployed graduates was very high, bad roads, poor infrastructure, high utility tariffs etc.

This is the mess NDC created and left which the NPP led by the competent Akuffo Addo has corrected and still giving hope to the people of Suhum and Ghana as a whole.

I was sad hearing from John Mahama that the covid 19 relief funds for our market women and men and business communities to boost their business in this abnormal time under the pandemic was there before they left office, oh my God, what a liar.

Will leave this for the constituents to judge it themselves.

With his words being exposed clearly shows that the NDC has nothing good for Suhum and Ghana, we must reject NDC come December 7 because their second coming will be disastrous.


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