CODA drive means Hope for Okada riders – CEO

In accordance with its mandate and commitment, the Coastal Development Authority has designed the CODA Drive initiative to eradicate poverty and create wealth for commercial drivers, okada and pragya riders. The new initiative is also expected to help address road safety within the Coastal Development Zone.

In an interview with the media last Thursday to outdoor the vehicles, Chief Executive Officer of the Authority, Lawyer Jerry Ahmed Shaib explained that under the CODA Drive intervention, CODA will offer Bajaj Qute four-passenger quadricycles to drivers and okada riders on hire purchase for use as public transport. The operation of CODA Drive will initially be concentrated in rural areas and city outskirts in the six regions of the Coastal Development Zone.


The CEO elaborated that CODA Drive has many economic and social benefits including but not limited to the income earning opportunities for thousands of Ghanaian families as well as reduction in road crashes and consequent reduction in injury and death. CODA Drive is being funded under the Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Programme (IPEP).

Story: Sheila Satori Mensa


One thought on “CODA drive means Hope for Okada riders – CEO

  1. As good as the idea might appear, to buy such small cars, but in a heavy accident, they offer almost
    no protection and their mechanical parts are not built to last anywhere near as long as small cars like i.e.
    Nissan “Micras”, Toyota “Starlets”, Renault Clios etc., which you can purchase from Europe for as little
    as 200 to 300 Dollars! I hope to be invited to Ghana, very soon to advise on the really professional repair
    of bicycles, sewing machines and cars! Hope to hear from you soon! Please stay healthy and in good spirit!
    Thomas Ackermann from Germany

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