Police confirms the arrest of some persons on multiple voting in some part of Accra

Two persons were arrested at Agya Herbal polling station within the Trobo Constituency and Orion Cinema polling station within the Okaikoi South Constituency respectively and one person for multiple voting registration at ACP Estate Gate 2 polling stations.

At the Agya herbal, a middle aged man who was the fifth person to cast his vote allegedly voted twice because when the E. C was setting up they mistakenly exchange the indelible ink in the ballot box for voters to use in thumbprinting the ballot paper.

The Presiding Officer(PO) detected the mistake and rectified it but the fifth voter who had already casted his voted requested to vote again since he perceived the EC will not valid the voted he casted hence was given another ballot to vote but this was rejected by the voters hence the Police causing his arrest until counting is done to prove whether or not he really voted twice before a determination of his case is made.

The Accra Regional Police PRO DSP Afia Tenge confirming the incident in an interview with said the first five persons used the indelible ink to thumbprint the ballot paper but the fifth person was prompted after voting that there was a mistake in the exchange of the ink so he decided to vote again and was granted that until another voter prompted that he (fifth person) has already voted so he was picked up by the police and detained until counting is done and confirmed that he indeed voted twice or not before he can be charged or discharged.

In order development, yesterday between 8am and 9am, a deaf and dumb 30years old Rukaya Dramani was arrested at the Orion Cinema at the neoplan station in the Okaikoi South Constituency for allegedly have seven thumbprinted seven Presidential ballot papers and was sent the Accra Regional Command.

DSP Afia Tenge said, Rukaya Dramani brought a poster of ballot voter paper that were used by exhibits and took it to the voter box and we believe was to aid her vote.
She was brought here at the Regional Command and after thorough investigation the posters of ballot voter papers are not the official EC ballot paper hence she was discharged.

Meanwhile, at 12:10 noon Police arrested suspect Lartey Eunice aged 36 to the Amasaman Divisional police with two voter Identification card numbers 4415001979 with the name Lartey Eunice with Polling Station code C120602, Date of birth 1984/10/20 dated 2020/07/02 and another 4256053933 with the name Lartey Eunice Ayivi, with Polling Station Code C040903 ,Date of birth 1982/10/20 dated 2020/08/05 and Electoral commission’s Multiple List.

Around 10am the suspect queued at ACP Estate Gate 2 polling station to cast her ballot hence madam Karen Owusu the presiding officer of the centre identified her as having been captured by the multiple voter register list.

She was handed over to the police who escorted her to her house and recovered the second card number 4256053933 hence Suspect Lartey Eunice is detained and exhibits retained for investigation.

Story: Sheila Satori Mensa


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