The New Patriotic Party inaugurates its Ablekuma North Campaign Team

On Thursday 27 August 2020, the new patriotic party inaugurated its campaign team for the Ablekuma North constituency. The team’s mandate is to ensure landslide victories for the president; H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and parliamentary candidate; Ms. Sheila Bartels in the upcoming 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections respectively.

They were sworn into office by the Greater Accra Regional Organizer of the party, Mr. Prince Obeng. This colorful event was witnessed by several high ranking government and party officers including the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration; Hon. Shirley Ayorkor Botchway.

The inaugurated campaign team for Ablekuma North consists of persons such as Ms. Sheila Bartels (Parliamentary Candidate), Hon. Kofi Ofori (MCE – ABNMA), Mr. George Nkrumah (Constituency Chairman), all constituency executives and their deputies, Mr. John Ortsin (Security), Mr. Jones de-Graft Darkwa (New Media) and Mr. Johnson Asiedu Danquah (IT).It also includes specially co-opted members like Hon. Kwamena Bartels (former Ablekuma North MP),Mr. Dennis Okyere Danso (Masloc Regional Manager), Mr. Charles Kodom (former constituency executive), Hon. Joyce Acheampong (former constituency executive), Mr. Enoch Asamoah, Mr. David Odarquaye Alemah, Alhaji Adams and Mr. Kwame Owusu.

Addressing party faithfuls who had gathered to witness the ceremony, the parliamentary candidate, Ms. Sheila Bartels reiterated the need for party members to band together for a common goal and promote the positive track record of this government.

“The president has done many great things for this country and given the chance to continue, he will continue to do more. Take free SHS for instance, whether you are NPP or NDC, your child can access SHS for free. This is a good track record and we are going out there to sell the message of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and Sheila Bartels”, she said. She also admonished them to get actively involved and also take proactive measures to ensure victory in the upcoming elections.

Sheila Bartels, Parliamentary Candidate for Ablekuma North

With three (3) months to the elections, the newly inaugurated team is expected to commission the various electoral area and polling station campaign teams within the next few days.

Editorial: NPP Ablekuma North Decides 2020: The Case of the woman who has the sword and yet is afraid

Just as H.E Nana Addo is going into 2020 elections with the highest confidence and boldness all because his good works are speaking for him all over the country, one will expect the Ablekuma north mp (Akua Afriyie) to mount such confidence if she has indeed worked for general good of her constituents and DEAR DELEGATES of our party as we are being told.

But unfortunately, this is not the case on the part of Akua Afriyie and her campaign team.
The woman with the power (sword) is afraid because she didn’t perform, she was disrespectful to delegates, arrogance and thought four years won’t come again.
Now, out of fear of losing the primaries, due to how she treated the delegates in Ablekuma north constituency, her campaign team has now resorted to propaganda, attacks and insults all over the various platforms just to run her main contender Sheila Bartels down.

An mp who insulted and cursed her own delegates, and treated them like some irresponsible people who can’t feed themselves, thinking she was going to go unopposed in future, now she has no other option than to fear.

It is therefore not surprising that every delegate in Ablekuma north is calling for change. #changeToMaintain

It is obvious that, her suddenly change of attitude is just to deceive the very people (delegates) she and her allies insulted and cursed in some few years ago. But fortunately, the majority of Ablekuma north delegates have decided on Sheila Bartels and no amount of insults or propaganda can change their decision to vote for Sheila Bartels.

Sheila Bartels is more approachable.
Sheila Bartels does not discriminate
Sheila Bartels is very honest.
Sheila Bartels thinks about the delegates welfare.
Sheila Bartels has message that can help us.

Edward Kofi Darko Aning Blay. (Eddie NPP)

Editorial: Ablekuma North Constituency, Know your candidate, the Sheila Bartels factor

Sheila Bartels has supported several delegates who were almost kicked out of their homes due to their inability to pay their rents.

Sheila Bartels believes that God gives to us to help others, and she has been giving generously especially to those who are needy and vulnerable.

The Ablekuma North Deputy Youth Organiser, Isaac Ababio approached Sheila Bartels to help with his work and also help him pay his school fees.

Even though he does not support Sheila, she organised and assisted him with a motorbike for his work and also gave him money for his fees.

Indeed, this is a true LEADER with a GENEROUS heart.

Sheila Bartels paid the admission fees of 16 University entrants to support their parents.

She has also supported several parents both delegates and non-delegates in distress with school fees payments for their wards.

We trust Sheila Bartels with the future of Ablekuma North.

During the COVID19 lock down, Sheila Bartels as a private citizen donated over 800 packages of food relief items and related items like hand sanitizers, Veronica buckets, etc to polling station executives, the police and some identifiable groups like Kayayes and drivers.

Her generosity is what triggered the conscience of some others to follow suit.

God richly bless Sheila Bartels. You are the pacesetter.

Sheila Bartels received a distress call to help a delegate who was to undergo an emergency C-section so to deliver her baby.

Sheila quickly mobilised money to both fully pay for the cost of the surgery, and shopped for the baby.

The delegate’s baby has been named after Sheila’s father.

Sheila is indeed a generous person who we will love as our MP.

As human as we are, it is normal to fall on hard times and may need a helping hand to get back on our feet or sort out a critical need.

This helping hand must be timely and should not rob us of our dignity and pride of place.

This helping hand is what the generous Sheila Bartels offers and we pray that God should empower her further through us the delegates so that she can do more.

Before the Covid-19 lockdown was lifted, several families were in distress and called on Sheila Bartels to help.

Sheila went round meeting them and gave additional support to those who urgently needed it.

Indeed Sheila is a leader that Ablekuma North is proud of.

We must all support the kind of leader who gives to others wholeheartedly.

God richly bless you and your household, SHEILA BARTELS

A constituent’s shop was burgled and she called on Sheila to assist.

After a brief visit to the constituent to discuss the incident, Sheila Bartels gave her a cash donation to enable her restock her shop.

Sheila equally assisted another delegate whose home burnt down with housing support to rent a place.

Sheila’s generosity is unmatched and needs our support to do more for Ablekuma North.

Sheila Bartels made a generous donation of 50 bags of cement and undisclosed sum for the repair of roads within the Hindu Monastery area within ABN constituency.

The people in the area are forever grateful to the Generous Sheila Bartels.

She needs power to do more….

Sheila Bartels made a generous cash donation to fire victims of the Otaten Electoral area.

The fire victims and the Assembly man for the electoral area are forever grateful to Generous Sheila Bartels for her kind gesture.

Empower Generous Sheila Bartels with your VOTE to do more…

Vote Sheila! Number 4


Editorial: Ablekuma North Constituency, Know your Candidate; The Sheila Bartels factor

Sheila Bartels understands that, the healthcare of her constituents is very paramount that she fully paid for registration and renewing of NHIS for more than 250 people for free.

This clearly shows that the value of a person resides in what he or she gives and not in what he or she is capable of receiving.

Out of a generous heart, Sheila Bartels was able to Support financially all the Assembly members elected by the party in the just ended District Assembly Elections including those who were not even on her side.

This clearly shows that Sheila Bartels does not discriminate but rather, a correct Unifier.

Sheila Bartels is the only candidate who organised and gave out Christmas goodies to ALL delegates in Ablekuma North.

Sheila is not discriminating or divisive.

Out of a generous heart, Sheila Bartels provided a blood sugar monitor for a polling station executive who had been diagnosed with diabetes.

This particular delegate had been to the MP for assistance but she turned him away with the false accusation and insult that he was a drunkard.

Sheila’s assistance to him came with no strings attached.

Sheila Bartels has supported so many people who called on her to assist with their healthcare needs. She has paid for surgeries, births and various medical treatments. She is also committed to providing healthcare support to Polling station executives as part of her manifesto promises.

We will choose Sheila Bartels over any other candidate because she is truly generous.

We met a delegate who was almost dying because of diabetes.

His leg from the knee down was getting rotten.

Immediately, Sheila Bartels arranged for him to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

She has supported continuous treatment as well as medicine and family support while he recovers.
This man always prays for Sheila.

I will vote for the generous Sheila Bartels to continue to hold Ablekuma North together.

A non-delegate had been sick with swollen legs and unable to walk for over a month when she came across Sheila Bartels. Her husband who is retired, could not afford her healthcare.

Sheila arranged for her to get the necessary treatments until she was able to walk again. She is now able to walk and support herself.

This family is grateful to Sheila Bartels for intervening in her situation.

I will choose a candidate with a generous heart who will help us in need.

There is this party sympathiser – a widow who isnt a delegate. She fell on hard times and could not afford the school fees of her child.

When she approached our MP for assistance, she was turned away because she isn’t a delegate. Sheila heard of her plight and did not only give the woman double of what she needed to pay the fees, but also committed to assist the widow start a small scale business.

Such a generous leader with a clean spirit.

Choose Sheila Bartels for a United Ablekuma North.
Choose No 4.

This is why I will choose Sheila Bartels any day.

I will vote number 4 on the ballot.

Go for the best candidate.

I want a Generous Leader

I choose No.4


Editorial: 4 Reasons Sheila Bartels should be chosen for and by ABN constituency

Very soon, the New Patriotic Party will be going for a poll to elect candidates to represent the various constituencies across the country in the upcoming 2020 election and Ablekuma North is is no exception.

Sheila Bartels among others is vying for the seat at Ablekuma North Constituency.

This Editorial content has outlined a few reasons why she stands tall among all other candidates, and why she should be voted for by the constituency delegates to represent the constituency in Parliament.

1. Sheila is known to all and sundry. Veteran politicians of Ablekuma North NPP like Alhaji Mohammed, Mr Annor, Hon. Joyce Acheampong , Hon. Kofi Ofori, etc, have all attested to knowing and taking pride in the personal development of Sheila Bartels into the politician she is today.

2. Sheila has achieved a lot in the business space, and is rightly considered a leading name especially in the use of financial technology to drive financial inclusion. Politically, Sheila has rekindled the zeal for party activism in Ablekuma North. This is not a surprise since she formed the HOPE campaign in 2016 and led other youth activists to campaign vigorously for Nana Addo to have a sweeping victory nationwide.

3. Sheila has always said that she is not interested in ruling but rather service. Her principle is to do whatever it takes to ensure that ABN patriots are not left out in the sharing of the national cake and she has outlined all her plans to actualise this very clearly.

4. Sheila Bartels is a leader with foresight and we are looking forward to see her charismatic, competent and pragmatic leadership for the upcoming general election and beyond.

Sheila Bartels is on the Fourth (4th) position on the ballot, down at the bottom.