Too few patients, so China is canceling Covid-19 clinical trials

China has evidently done such a fantastic job of containing the spread of the coronavirus that it’s now having a hard time finding patients for clinical trials.

Doctor Zhong Nanshan, the respiratory specialist who leads a group of experts advising the Chinese government’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak, has said 45 trials have been canceled in China, mainly due to lack of test subjects.

“No one expected that China would control the epidemic so quickly,” Zhong said. “There is currently no opportunity for large-scale clinical drug and treatment-related research in China.”

Since the outbreak began, China has approved a total of 594 clinical trials, a number that Zhong touted as being much higher than during the SARS epidemic when he says that researchers were focused on finding a treatment rather than doing studies and publishing papers.

Zhong added that China had now contained the initial coronavirus outbreak and was doing well combatting a potential second wave.

China has reported more than 84,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and 4,642 deaths caused by the epidemic.


China to send medical experts to help Pakistan fight COVID-19

BEIJING – At the request of Pakistan, the Chinese government is preparing to send a medical expert team to Pakistan for the COVID-19 fight, said Zeng Yixin, Vice Minister of China’s National Health Commission.

Zeng said this on Thursday at a press conference on China’s cooperation with the international community in fighting the COVID-19, reports China Economic Net.

Zeng said China has immediately shared the COVID-19 related knowledge, prevention and control plan, and diagnosis and treatment plan with Pakistan since the virus outbreak in Pakistan. China also has introduced its experience in preventing, controlling, diagnosing and treating COVID-19 and other issues to Pakistan via video conference.

At the press conference, Deng Boqing, vice-chairman of China International Development Cooperation Agency, said China would like to share prevention and control experience with Pakistan in response to the COVID-19 challenge. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in Pakistan, China has provided Pakistan four batches of medical supplies, including detection reagents, medical protective gowns, N95 face masks, surgical face masks and breathing machines.

Going forward, China is preparing to provide Pakistan with more urgently needed and scarce medical supplies and equipment. In addition, China will also assist Pakistan in building a makeshift hospital for isolation. When attending the press conference, Luo Zhaohui, vice minister of Foreign Affairs, said China has sent seven batches of medical experts groups to five countries, namely, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Serbia and Cambodia, since sending the first group to Iran in February 27, 2020.

Each and every medical experts group, who brave the coronavirus to rescue people, has won warm welcome from the local governments and peoples. The medical rescue team to be sent to Pakistan will be established by medical workers in China’s Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, China Economic Net has learned exclusively, according to the earlier practices that each province is responsible for organizing a medical aid team.

Xinjiang has donated a batch of medical supplies to Pakistan, which arrived in the country in March 20.

Besides government, Chinese companies and civil powers have been proactively helping Pakistan fight against the epidemic.

On March 25, the first batch of relief materials donated by China’s Alibaba Foundation and Jack Ma Foundation arrived at Karachi. The two Foundations will send the second and third batches of relief materials to Pakistan within a week, according to the Consulate-General of PRC in Karachi.

Li Bijian, Consul General of PRC in Karachi said, “At the nongovernment level, enterprise and civil societies have joined one after another in the relay race of making donations to Pakistan.”