W/R: Concerned Youth of Ahanta West petition MCE over Lack of Developments in the Municipality

It can be recalled that, the efforts of Concerned Youth of Ahanta West Municipality in the western region on Monday 27th July 2020, hit the principal streets of Agona Nkwanta with numerous words placed on placards to present a petition to the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Henrietta Eyison proved futile at the time they besieged the assembly.

The Concerned Youth of Ahanta West described the attititude of the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Henrietta Mary Eyison on that day as deliberate attempt when she failed to receive their petition to address issues in the Municipality during the first peaceful demonstration at the working hours of 12pm.

“Their efforts on that day to petition president Akufo-Addo’s appointee was based on lack of
developmental projects in the Municipality, unemployment rate, deplorable stretch road from Takoradi to Agona Nkwanta, abandoned official bungalow which was to be used by the current MCE, among other related issues”.

Meanwhile the Concerned Youth of Ahanta West on Tuesday 8th September embarked on another edition of peaceful demonstration to petitioned Hon. Henrietta Mary Eyison for the second time so that their concerns are being addressed.

Addressing the MCE at the forecourt of the assembly, the group said they would be given assurances on what is writing in the documented petition.

At the forecourt of the Ahanta West Municipal Assembly, Hon. Henrietta Eyison together with security present received the group’s petition during the 2nd edition of Ahanta West Deserves Better Demonstration.

Moreover Hon. Eyison after receiving petition, indicated that there are matters that demand urgent action as she commended group for expressing their views as Concerned Youth Ahanta of West.

Hon. Eyison hinted, it is in their interest to ensure that issues are addressed as soon as practicable rather than later.

Hon. Henrietta Mary Eyison reassured that she will convey the received petition to the appropriate quarters including the Western Regional Minister for round table discussions.

The Concerned Youth of Ahanta West however issued one month ultimatum for authorities to let their concerns which will benefits Ahanta land yield to positive results.

Some of the writings placed on placards during the 2nd edition of the demonstration on Tuesday 8th September included, Ahanta Deserves Better, The Youth Must Rise Beyond Politics, Tell us the truth about the youth center, It is Now or Never, Fix our roads, Bring Back our Kundum Festival, We need our Municipal Hospital among others.

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W/R: Ahanta West MCE flee from Concerned Youth of Ahanta

A group calling themselves Concerned Youth of Ahanta in the Ahanta West Municipality of the Western Region efforts on Monday to deliver a petition to the Ahanta West Municipal Chief Executive, Mrs. Henrietta Eyison over lack of developmental projects in the Municipality proved futile.

The Concerned Youth of Ahanta on Monday hit the streets in some parts of the Municipality specifically Agona Nkwanta and its adjoining communities.

The Ahanta West Municipal Chief Executive, Mrs. Henrietta Eyison and her entourage including the Municipal coordinating director, the assembly’s receptionist, security and secretary to the MCE whom were to receive the petition flees without a trace at the working hours of 12pm on Monday 28th July 2020 as the Ahanta Concerned Youth besiged the premises of the assembly.

The Divisional Chief of Agona Nana Eziaku IV, advising the concerned Youth said the peaceful demonstration by the youth has equipped and drew the attention of Nananom to take heed of issues in the various communities including the celebration of annual Kundum Festival and also seek for answers from the assembly and other leadership on delays of projects in Ahanta land.

According to nana Eziaku IV, the demonstration by the youth was a step in its direction but urged them to observe the social protocols as the novel Coronavirus still persist in Ghana.

He added that the youth must stick to the supreme object of the demonstration.

Nana Eziaku IV commended the concerned youth for exhibiting good behavior without causing any mayhem in Ahanta land.

Speaking to the media at the forecourt of the Ahanta West Municipal Assembly, the organizer of the peaceful demonstrators, Mr. Joseph Andoh said Ahanta West is a geographically well positioned with deplorable roads and death trap youth center.

Again he emphasize that the Ahanta West Municipal Chief and her executives have disrespected Ahanta Land for not being able to be present to receive their petition.

According to Joseph Andoh, the Member of Parliament for Ahanta West Constituency, Hon. Ebenezer Kojo Kum concerning the youth center for decade has given shallow explanation that they are about to do soil testing on the land that old youth center was demolished.

They are therefore urging the Member of Parliament to come clear the air wether he will come and filled the deep holes that has caused a trap to children whenever rain falls or render better explanation to Ahanta indigenes.

The peaceful demonstrators alleged that about 23 Ahantas out of 6,000 workers within the companies on the stretch of Ahanta land for decade has been occupying labouring positions and the hour is now for them to occupy managerial positions.

Meanwhile they are appealing to H. E. Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo to hear their cry and plight as he is a listening president and can’t tolerate illegalities during his regime.

Some of the writings placed on placards includes, Incompetent Assembly, We need leaders with foresight, Ahanta Companies must help the youth, Ahanta Youth Yabr3, Enough is Enough, Bring Back our Kundum Festival among others.

Source: Benjamin Bray-W/R correspondent, Vision1 Fm