Ghanaians are not ready to re-elect a leader with credibility Bankruptcy – Edmund Kyei to Mahama

The Ghanaian electorate of today are more enlightened pertaining to governance and they are well abreast with issues of the economy, so it is difficult to swindle them.

Recently ex President Mahama has been making vain promises to the Ghanaian electorate in order to win their votes, meanwhile he was against the same policies when he was the head of state and steering the affairs of this nation.

During Mahama’s tenure of office he said, and I quote ” I am not a magician to employ you” this is what he told unemployed graduates and now he is saying he will create 1 million jobs if he is elected. He also said Free SHS will collapse Ghana’s education system but he is now claiming he brought Free SHS. He further stated he will not restore teacher trainees allowance even if it cost him his re-election but he is now saying he will maintain trainee teachers and nurses allowance. Mr Mahama led campaign to reject the introduction of Ghana card but he later went to register for the card including his wife.

During his tenure he increased electricity tariff and told Ghanaians if we want light we should pay more, he is also saying he will legalise okada but during his tenure of office most okada riders were arrested and they were told it is illegal to operate okada, because he wants votes he is trying to say he is holier than the Pope.

As ex President Mahama said “Ghanaians have short memory” but I am reminding him what he did when he was steering the affairs of the nation, the biggest scam of the decade was Mahama’s $10 billion Hope City project.

With this track record, I think he is credibility bankrupt and needs to stand aside and learn from His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-addo who is shaping the tattered economy you left.

… signed…
Edmund Kyei
Asokwa Constituency 1st Vice Chairman
Member of NPP National Communication


Edmund Kyei wishes 2020 WASSCE students good luck

This is to wish all students writing this year’s West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), especially those from Asokwa Constituency, the very best of luck.

It is my fervent prayer that all the candidates would pass the exams.

I am also using this opportunity to remind our students that, you are the 1st products of free SHS, therefore the onus is on you to pass the exams and prove the critics of the free SHS wrong.

Stay Blessed!!!
Thank You

…Mr Edmund Kyei…
1st Vice Chairman Asokwa – NPP
National Communication Team Member – NPP

The harm would have been greater if the banks were not closed – Edmund Kyei to Bishop Agyinasare

For some time now some banks in Ghana have been closed down following poor management and some other factors. We appreciate and accepts that jobs and properties have been lost but the harm of allowing these banks to operate would have been greater than this if not government’s swift intervention.

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Considering customers of D.K.M, Menzgold, God is love, Justa Motors and many other collapsed banks and financial institutions, the previous government led by President John Dramani Mahama could have taken same measures at the time and would have saved us.

H.E President Akufo Addo led administration took upon himself to merged these banks which were at the verge of collapsing has come under severe criticisms.

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Recently Founder of Perez Chapel, Bishop Charles Agyinasare has waded into the discussion by criticizing government for the action taken. He blamed the government for taken this action without considering helping them to be solvent meanwhile the damaged caused was beyond repairs and government had no option than to take these steps to merged the defunct banks (Consolidated Bank Ghana) which is fully in operational while their directors are in court so Bishop Agyinasare describing these efforts of government as “Enviness” is out of place.

The Government never closed down any of these banks but only took over management of these banks.

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We think the respectable Bishop should rather talk commend government for the action taken to save depositors funds and as well support government to fight these CEO’s and directors who deliberately mismanaged these funds to served as deterrent to others who potentially want to choose that path thinking they can also walk freely.

The Minority in Parliament led by their chief economic and financial propagandist Hon. Isaac Adongo has peddling falsehood for cheap political points but thank God Ghanaians are intelligent and could read between facts and lies no matter how noise they make.

President Akuffo Addo upon advice from the Economic Management Team (EMT) ably led by the learned Dr. Mahammudu Bawumia took a decision to revoke licenses of these defunct banks swiftly to save depositors funds. There’s the misrepresentation that government deliberately collapsed the banks for it’s own parochial interest knowing very well it was consolidated.

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In as much as government appreciate the position of Bishop Charles Agyinasare and his constant outburst on this government, I appeal to him to cross check the facts before else when the truth becomes bare his reputation will be on the line.

I plead with Bishop Charles Agyin Asare to speak about the benefit customers and potential customers will receive which surpasses the close down.

…Edmund Kyei…

NPP Asokwa Constituency 1st Vice Chairman
Member Of NPP National Communications Team

Edmund Kyei urges Ghanaians to put on face masks and pleads with security personnel to legally deal with offenders

We all accept as citizens that we are living in abnormal times, putting on face mask, washing hands regularly and many other Covid-19 safety protocols has not been our culture but looking at the situation at hand we must adjust our lifestyle to it.

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The daily update of Covid-19 cases by the Ministry Of Health has made us seen the high daily increment. Within a day Ghana records over 900 new cases which some of the causes can be attributed to our failure to observe all safety protocols. The World Health Organization (W.H.O) has made us understand the Corona Virus stays in the atmosphere for hours before it dies, this makes it harmful for people who fails to put face mask since the virus easily enters them.

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I will use this opportunity to commend the President Nana Addo led administration for the measures taken so far. Measures like reduction in utility bills and many relieve opportunities has been beneficial. I urge the media to daily broadcast the education on covid-19. I also plead with Ghanaians to help the Government fight Covid-19 by observing all safety protocols, I will also plead with our security agencies to ensure legal means of dealing with citizens who fails to abide by it.

Edmund Kyei
NPP Asokwa Constituency 1st Vice Chairman
NPP National Communications Team Member

Mahama’s warmongering comments brings his insensitivity to bare – Edmund Kyei

Recent comments by the Ex President Mahama sounds unpalatable and unfortunate, he made comments threatening the electoral commission and the state that he and his party won’t accept the outcome of a flawed election. These derogatory comment against the Electoral commission supposed not to have come from the Honourable Mahama because of his position as an ex President and a candidate for the major opposition NDC.

We all remember the infamous incidence at Ayawaso Wuogon, where the ex President again threaten the nation by saying “the NDC was born out of revolution so we will match NPP boot for boot” and I think his insensitive comments are becoming too much and it threatens the peace of the nation.

Mahama should consider his position as flagbearer and becareful with some of his comments, he mostly sounds like he doesn’t care about the peaceful nature of our country Ghana but he only cares about how he is going to win election at all cost whether through foul or right means.

Countries like Rwanda and co have experience war and genocide because of misguided comments by some of its citizens and during that time many lost their lives and their economy shattered, and any person who have experienced war before will tell you how worse lives becomes under such experience.

I am quoting the late President John Evans Atta Mills, may his gentle soul rest in peace, “Ghana will not die” Mahama should be sensitive and think about the majority of our population which are women and children, they suffer most whenever there is an outbreak of war.
Ghana has come far, so Ghanaians do not want the nation to go back in the dark ages where people incite ethnocentric violences, we are one people and we love our dear nation Ghana, Ghanaians will vote peacefully and I entreat every citizen to register in the upcoming voter registration in order to exercise their franchise in coming December 7th election.

Remember to wear your nose mask and observe Social distancing.

Edmund Kyei
Asokwa Constituency 1st Vice Chairman
Member of NPP National Communication.