NPP Primaries: Fanteakwa South NPP Youth Organizer endorses Eric Amoako Twum

The Fanteakwa South Constituency Youth organizer of the New Patriotic Party, NPP, Samuel Yaw Martey, popularly known as Ronnybitches in a closed door meeting with one of the aspiring candidates of the constituency, Mr Eric Amoako Twum, secretly recorded his conversation with them in an attempt to deliberately forge untrue stories about him (Eric Amoako Twum) to make him unpopular to the constituency delegate.

Eric in his meeting with the Youth Organizer and some few others in the audio highlighted some motivation to them and why the need to vote for change, which the change should be him.

Eric Amoako Twum has been a pain in the neck as far as the upcoming Parliamentary Primaries are concerned, for the incumbent Member of Parliament, and the Youth Organizer, Samuel Yaw Martey is believed to be in the camp of the sitting MP, so he deliberately recorded the minutes of their meeting to be used as a bait against Eric Amoako Twum but the audio has rather turned to be an endorsement, doing more good than bad, as intended.

Eric Amoako Twum is on the number three spot on the Ballot paper

For more info, call Samuel Yaw Martey on 024363 8167

Or Mark Ofori (Cordinator, The Eric Factor) on 0560548777


Fanteakwa South Deputy NADMO Director donates Nose masks to communities

Deputy Fanteakwa South District Director of the National Disaster Management Organization, NADMO, Mr Oware Peasah Clement has donated some Nose Masks to the communities within the the district.

The President of the republic, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo in his address to the nation has outlined preventive measures the citizenry should observe in the fight against Covid-19 and One of the measures which has become mandatory is the wearing of Face/Nose mask.

This has brought a high demand on the Masks and Mr Peaseah has taken it upon himself to also help the people of Fanteakwa South with free distribution of the masks to help curb the spread of the virus.

The distribution started on Friday 8th May 2020 with the people of Akyem Juaso community.

Speaking to the Deputy NADMO Director, he said he want to donate over 1500 Nose Masks to communities within the District with the motive of contributing to the fight against the disease and curb the spread

Mr. Eric Amoako Twum donates relief items to Fanteakwa South District Assembly

Mr Eric Amoako Twum has donated items to the Fanteakwa south district assembly in the Eastern region to assist with the fight against COVID-19.

Ghana has, so far, recorded 1565 cases of COVID-19 and 11 deaths.

Mr Eric Amoako Twum donated packs of GIHOC alcohol-based hand sanitizers, quantities of awake bottle mineral waters, disposable tissues on Monday, 27 April 2020 to aid the staff at the district assembly and the health department of the fanteakwa south district as they go to the various communities to train and educate the citizenry.

Mr Eric Amoako Twum who is number 3 on the ballot paper for the upcoming special delegate conference of the NPP spoke to UTV where he encouraged citizen to observed all the safety precautions and measures that have been given out by the health experts to help control the spread of the Coronavirus.

The presentation was made by Mr Eric Amoako Twum and received by the District Chief Executive and the District Health.

NPP communication’s officer challenges Daniel Amaning Danquah for integrity test

NPP communications officer calls Daniel Amaning Danquah for integrity test

Fanteakwa South Communication officer for the New Patriotic Party, George Obeng Asiedu has called for an integrity test for parliamentary candidate, Daniel Amaning Danquah.

According to him, the Parliamentary candidate is soiled with lots of allegations which should have even disqualified him during vetting but was allowed to pass through.

The allegations as per the communication officer is just a tip of the iceberg, as he has more to tell about the candidate. In the allegations, he used “no.2” which is the ballot position of the Parliamentary candidate in the upcoming Parliamentary primaries.

Below is the allegations levelled against Mr Daniel Amaning Danquah, by the communication officer, just as he wrote them

Facts for inquiries
1. That no.2 hasn’t sponsored mahama campaign in 2012& 2016?
2. That no.2 relationship between him and lordina
3. That no.2 isn’t receiving sponsorship from mahama n lordina?
4. That who sponsored the drilling of the boreholes in the constituency?
5. That no.2 and mahama family have secret meeting about going independent should in case he’s to lose the primaries?
6. That if no.2 hasn’t been called at NPP headquarters to answer some questions that he was humiliated?

These were just few issues more to come

The communication officer is believed to have been from the camp of the incumbent Member of Parliament who’s seeking another term from the kingmakers of the party in the constituency

Mark Ofori blasts Fanteakwa NDC chairman over propaganda comment against MP

Re: Fighting COVID-19, Fanteakwa South MP should be fair to the People.

The NDC is taken advantage of the deadly global pandemic, COVID-19 that has almost stop every activities in the world. Fanteakwa South NDC is not exceptional.

The attention of Fanteakwa South NPP has been drawn to a mischievous press release which is been circulated in attempt to run down the steps of our Hon Member of Parliament, Mr Kofi Okyere Agyekum to contribute to the fight against COVID-19. The President has already taken proper measures to curb this global pandemic where Mr Kofi Okyere has also followed suit.

We wish state it categorically that Mark Okraku and his entire NDC members are opportunist and they usually take advantage of disadvantages and they have never contributed any meaningful option to the development of Fanteawa South.

We the Fanteakwa South NPP are telling the entire Fanteakwa South constituents to avoid the meaningless propaganda by The NDC chairman, Mark Okraku and his cronies.

In addition we have several questions to ask the NDC chairman Mark Okraku and his cronies and we need immediate answer to that;

Firstly, we want to ask the contributions the NDC has made in the Fanteakwa South constituency in fighting against the deadly global pandemic COVID-19?

If the Fanteakwa South NDC has contributed to the fight, We the Fanteakwa South NPP wants data and details of their contribution.

Mark Ofori