Five Troublesome Ghanaian Celebrities Who Need A Tongue Lashing from Rap Goddess Eno Barony

After delivering a spectacular tongue lashing to Sista Afia via rap, Eno Barony needs to turn her lyrical prowess to these five troublesome Ghanaian celebrities who need Jesus.

There are some celebrities existing in the industry who bring more bad than good to our lives.

They indulge in controversy for the sake of controversy with no shame to hold them back from the limits that normal human beings stay away from.
Every single day they manage to find themselves in the news with one outrageous act or another just for attention.
These celebrities need Jesus, as the saying goes, but since Jesus is not coming anytime soon they need a tongue lashing from Eno Barony.
The rapper has proven her lyrical prowess and dexterity in her current ongoing beef against Sista Afia and Medikal.
Eno Barony lashed Sista Afia so bad in ‘Argument Done’ that she couldn’t reply and was left posting lame messages on Instagram in response.
Medikal also decided to ‘bring himself’ and attacked Eno online but she replied in a mature manner once again showing her writing skills.
If Eno could turn her sharp tongue on these five celebrities and manage to silence them like she silenced Sista Afia and Medikal it will be for the betterment of Ghanaian showbiz.
1. Counsellor George Lutterodt

Need I say anymore? Counsellor George Cyril Canstense Lutterodt is the black sheep of black sheep. Hardly a day goes by without him making some outrageous comment meant to shock and awe.

Lutterodt exists for the attention these sick comments bring him, which in turn makes him a valuable commodity to the media.
Just within the past couple of weeks, Lutterodt has said that beautiful ladies have bad breath and worn his wife’s underwear as a facemask.
A few hot bars from Eno need to be targeted at this irresponsible adult.
2. Afia Schwarzenegger

Another troublesome Ghanaian celebrity in need of Jesus is Afia Schwarzenegger.

Afia has done it all – she regularly posts erotic photos unbecoming of her and has a sharp tongue that an cut through metal. When the insults start flowing there is no line Afia in unwilling to cross and no level she won’t stoop to.
She has beefed half the celebrities in Ghana and that’ even before we get into her scandalous relationships with Junior and Abrokwah.
3. Moesha Boduong

CNN celebrity Moesha Boduong is another person causing havoc in Gh showbiz who needs a tongue lashing from Eno Barony as soon as possible.

Moesha is a founding member of the ashawobrity club of Ghana, queen of flying around the world on exotic vacations no one can really fathom how it’s financed.
Her Instagram page is like an advert for an escort service and that’s even before we get to her comments on CNN which painted all Ghanaian ladies in a really negative light, telling Christine Amanpour that Ghanaian women need to date big men to pay rent and buy fuel.
Moesha really needs a few hot bars to set her brain straight!
4. Angel Bishop Daniel Obinim
There are a million new age pastors we could have put on this list but none is more troublesome or dangerous than Angel Obinim.
This is a charlatan who has managed to convince his extremely credulous followers that he is an angel of God who can do no wrong.
He is never criticized by his followers and no matter how many fake miracles he performs, they always fil the church and fill his coffers with all their money.
Obinim has lashed a pregnant girl in his church, allegedly slept with his own junior pastor’s wife and numerous other ladies, not to talk of his alleged miracles like pulling a pastor out of the land of the dead which everyone could see was staged.
5. Wendy Shay

The one name who does not belong on this list but intentionally put herself on this list is Wendy Shay. Most of the others on this list are pathologically incapable of stopping their deviant behaviour but Wendy Shay just looks like someone who likes to be deviant to keep her music career relevant.

She constantly makes inflammatory comments to get herself in the news and it’s pathetic to see.
Her twitter feed is like looking into the mind of an attention addict – a person willing to say anything just to get th e attention of Ghanaians.
She once said she’s ‘hotter than the coronavirus’, she called out Google for estimating her net worth at between $1-5m, claiming she’s worth much more than that. That’s even before we get to her claim that she and Beyonce are on the same level.
Any inflammatory comment Shay can pass to trend, no matter how dumb, she’s ready to make.
A few bars from Eno Barony could teach her a little lesson.
Over to you, rap mu King Kong. Let’s see some more arguments done!