Kennedy Agyapong In Trouble At Court As Judge Refuse To Bow To Upper Hand

The Acca High Court Judge presiding over a contempt case involving Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has insisted that nobody can manipulate his role in the ongoing trial.

According to Justice Amos Wuntah Wuni , he has worked hard to earn his position and reputation thus will not allow any form of injustices.

Per details given in a report by The Chronicle newspaper, Justice Wuntah was compelled to make the declaration after the defense counsel of Kennedy Agyapong raised issues with the trial process.

The reasons given in the report included the fact “that the case was not a media trial and also some members of the public were reading different meanings into the case.”

Also, during court proceedings, legal representative for the Member of Parliament, Alexander Afenyo Markin told the court that some politicians have already commented on the issue, giving it a political twist.

The judge in response insisted that he was doing the Lord’s work, which meant that his decision will not be influenced by issues out of his jurisdiction.

He made this known in court, on October 6, 2020, during an interrogation of Kennedy Agyapong’s doctor who was ordered to appear in court on, October 1, 2020, to explain what went into the granting of a medical excuse form to the MP.

Kennedy Agyapong is in court for an angry outburst on live TV while expressing dissatisfaction over a decision by a judge to grant an injunction against him in a land litigation case.
In his outburst, he questioned the authority of the court for the decision and hurled unprintable insults against the judge who presided over the case. He also threatened to “face the judge”.


The Most Wicked And Lazy People On Earth Are Residents Of Komenda – Kennedy Agyapong

Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has said that the residents of Komenda are naturally lazy and wicked and will do anything to sabotage any developmental projects.

According to him, he had a bitter experience with the residents of Komenda and realized that the Komenda Sugar factory was going to fail. Speaking on KFM TV disclosed how he and some partners decided to revive the Komenda Sugar factory some years ago.

He said that his partners and himself acquired 11,000 hectares of land to plant sugarcane which will be used to feed the factory in order to ensure consistent production. However, some residents sent the farm ablaze after receiving their compensation for no reason.

“I’m not afraid of them. The people of Komenda are naturally born bad. These people are wicked and also lazy at the same time. You burnt my farm but now who is suffering? You are suffering and I’m here doing very well. I knew the Komenda Sugar factory will fail but I didn’t want to be a prophet of doom and even if I had said anything about it, they would have said because it’s another political party so I had to be quiet about it.”

How Dare You Have an Affair With Me And Tell Kennedy Agyapong About It – Tracy Boakye Blasts A Plus

How Dare You Have an Affair With Me And Tell Kennedy Agyapong About It – Tracy Boakye Blasts A Plus
Tracey Boakye, in an interview has questioned why A Plus would sleep with her and tell Kennedy Agyapong about it.

Tracey, in an interview gave her final words on the entire Papa No saga.

About a day ago, the Kumawood actress and movie producer posted a video of herself in celebration mood as she popped expensive champagne while singing praises.

She explained in the interview that the scenes from that video only go to prove her joy at being vindicated.

The actress threw a challenge to anyone who claimed to have videos of her milking the ex-president Mahama after the controversial Kennedy Agyapong asserted that Tracey was in that business.

Any such video is yet to surface with Captain Smart also confirming Kennedy’s claim.

She again refused to mention who the father of her daughter Nhyira is and questioned how many celebrities have been able to show the fathers of their children.

Kennedy Agyapong, on the Hot Seat Show, alleged that Tracey was in the business of exploiting men and added that A Plus escaped her trap after sleeping with her and refusing to give her money for a return ticket.

Tracey Boakye has in turn expressed her dissapointment at A Plus’ actions.

In her interview with Rashad, she said, ”People are raised differently in different homes. I don’t know why A Plus would sleep with me and go tell Kennedy Agyapong. If he goes around sleeping with ladies and telling others, that is his business.”

Meanwhile, Tracey vowed that this interview was her last on the whole Papa No saga.

Watch the video below:

“I contracted COVID-19 after my 60th birthday celebrations and I nearly died”

“I contracted COVID-19 after my 60th birthday celebrations and I nearly died” – Kennedy Agyapong recounts his near-death experience

Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has revealed that he contracted the delay Nover Coronavirus (COVID-19) which nearly sent him to his early grave.
According to the ballistic politician who has been away from the airwaves for a while now, he contracted the virus after his careless exposure to positive individuals at the celebration of his 60th birthday.

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“It was after my 60th birthday party which I resisted so much and it exposed me to people who had already tested positive.

“I dined with them and even for some people, they did not even have their nose masks on while others had theirs down the chin,” he said in an interview with Adom FM’s Alfred Amoh.

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Kennedy Agyapong went on to state that the virus had had a drastic impact on his weight and wellbeing since the experience was grave and he had to virtually battle for his life as he laid silently in isolation for 14 days.

“For over two weeks I was in quarantine; my nose was blocked and my bed was as if water had been poured on it coupled with a fever and within five days, I had lost weight drastically,” he recounted.

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He advised Ghanaians to desisit from treating the existence of the virus with kids gloves and to embrace the safety and preventive measures in place.

“I have recovered now and not shy to talk about it because I am a testimony but the disease is so real and we don’t have to joke with it,” he urged.