“If Nsoatre fails to secure this project, this two political icons from our town can never exonerate themselves” – Samuel Kusi Twum jabs hospital project saboteurs

Last year December, a group that calls itself Nsoatre Progress set out to put together a homecoming event. It was aimed at organising funds to help elevate our health center to a hospital status. A lot of factors mitigated against the organisation of the program so we had to call it off.

However, there were a lot of positives drawn from the preparation that were made. Amongst them was securing a partnership with an NGO who donated several hospital equipments including over 40 hospital beds, laboratory equipments and other logistics. The NGO further contacted it’s partners in The Netherlands and were about to ship a lot more logistics until the project stalled. They keep getting in touch to see if the project has resumed.

The Traditional Council has made available lands and presented our preparedness to the various authorities that be.

Aside our logistical readiness, in terms of proximity to available healthcare, Nsoatre is the most disadvantaged. In the Sunyani west constituency, Nsoatre commands a large amount of the population, over 30,000 inhabitants.

There are four major towns in the constituency, Nsoatre, Chiraa, Odumase and Fiapre. Odumase, the district capital is only 5 minutes drive away from the Sunyani Municipal Government hospital and 7minutes away from the Regional Hospital of the Bono Region. Fiapre has an SDA hospital, 10 mins drive from the Municipal hospital and 15mins away from the regional hospital. Chiraa recently had their health center upgraded into a polyclinic. Nsoatre is the only major town that is far away from a major health facility.

As citizens and Traditional Council we’ve done our part by demonstrating beyond doubt that we are the ones that truly deserves the District Hospital of the Sunyani west.

At this point we leave the rest in the hands of our political figures from our town. ie. MP and cabinet minister Hon. Ignatius Baffour Awuah, minister for employment and labour relations and NPP Youth Organiser for Canada, Kojo Akyereko to push this agenda.

I have heard people make claims that should the hospital be cited in Nsoatre, the MP may be rendered unpopular in the eyes of the other towns who may be interested in the project. I have demonstrated that we best deserve this project, we also vote and for that matter, Nsoatre should not be sacrificed again for anybody’s political ambitions.

If we, Nsoatre fails to secure this project, this two political icons from our town can never exonerate themselves.