Couple arrested for using their son for ritual and burying him in a standing position

It is surprising how the world is becoming so cruel, how can a couple kill their son and use him for money ritual?They don’t worth to be called a parent

A couple has been arrested for killing their son and using him for a sacrifice. They buried him in a standing position after that.

A herbalist, Lajuwon Ogunleye and his wife, Adetutu Apalaya have been arrested by the Ogub State police for conspiracy and murder of their 7 year old son, pelumi Apalaya for ritual purposes.

Another woman, who is believed to be a partaker in this evil act was also arrested.

Police said they took action after they heard the child who didn’t show any signs of illness suddenly slumped and died.

Police Public Relation Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemj, while speaking to the media said: “The suspects led the policemen to where he was buried and it was discovered that the deceased was buried in standing position. In interrogation, the second suspect, Fatah sefiu, told the detectives that the boy was actually used for ritual by the stepfather in connivance with the deceased boy’s mother.

He futher stated that the couple have reached a conclusion before he was coopted into business.”