Suhum MCE launches “YES” Campaign for Dec 17 referendum.

The President’s representative of Suhum, Mrs. Margaret Darko Darkwa launches Yes vote for the December 17th referendum at Nankese.

Mrs. Darkwa took her time to schooled the public on the merit and the need to vote Yes on the day of the referendum.

In her speech, she said Yes or No vote will not stop the election of MMDCEs but it is to determine the participation of political parties involvement in electing MMDCEs,Assemblymembers and unit committee members.

She said the Yes vote will help deepen our democracy in the local level since the mmdces, assembly members and the unit committee members represent the local presidents and parliamentarians, the political party involvements will help screen their candidates through internal primaries. It will also break the winner takes all in Ghana politics for instance we can have a president from NPP and NDC MCEs in some municipals which will improve checks and balances in the ruling government and the assemblies.

She stressed on the hypocrisy of political parties hiding behind candidates in assembly elections, our Yes vote will stop this comic behaviour and come out bold to campaign on a political ticket.She also said, we need to change our undemocratic nature of our local government system for the time being by ensuring democracy at the national level to be same as the local level where the citizens will elect local leaders on multi partisan bases as they do for president and parliamentarians.

Ending her speech, she touched on some sectoral achievements like education, health, water and sanitation, electrification, infrastructure, agriculture, employments, roads etc and flagships programs of the ruling NPP government led by Nana Akuffo Addo eg PFJ, Free SHS, NABCO, 1D1F, etc

Other committee members of the referendum, Director of NCCE, Director of information department, NPP Chairman et el added their voices to the education.

Questions were asked by the people and Mrs Darko and the referendum committee members cleared the questions with clarity to the satisfaction of their understanding.

She urged the people present to vote Yes on 17th December and also broadcast what they have heard about the Yes campaign to their friends and families to vote massively.

The Chairman of the occasion, Nana Annor Marfo- Chief of Nankese expressed his gratitude to the MCE and the committee for such insightful education to his people and urge all to vote Yes to bring the president view to bear and advice the MCE and the committee to intensify the education.

Released by
Augustine Odei
Director of Communications NPP, Suhum


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