MCE for Suhum met NPP Women’s Wing Maiden (WWM)

The Municipal Chief Executive for Suhum, Hon Mrs Margaret Darko Darkwa on Friday 13th December 2019 was honored at the first regional Women’s Wing Maiden meeting to speak as guest.

At the meeting, the Regional coordinator, Mrs Vera Oforiwah gave a gist history of the group, she said Women’s Wing Maiden is a volunteer group which is under the Women’s Wing of the New Patriotic Party and its slogan is _*Women, Be Bold*,_ she stressed that the group has been in existence for some years now but now it has been given a new facelift to canvas for victory 2020 and beyond.

Mrs Abena Ohenewa Amponsah, the deputy regional coordinator added her voice saying that Maiden is going all out in 2020 to retain and maintain power, she said they will liaise with other volunteers group within the party to bring all hands on the desk.

The podium was given to Hon Mrs Margaret Darko Darkwa, Madam expressed her profound gratitude giving to her to motivate them, in her delivery, she said she had passed the rank and files of the party structures from polling station to regional women Org. before holding this position as an MCE, ” I sacrificed myself through hardwork even at the edge of my live but that did not deter me from executing my mandate as Regional women Org.” she urge them to work assiduously and she promised them their hard work won’t be in vain.

Ending her speech, she said we as in NPP have enough achievements to preach about in going into 2020 election because we have delivered on our promises by bringing Ghana back to track, when it comes to achievements under NPP 3 years rule it is far better than 8years rule of NDC. Go out there to make a difference.

The leadership thanked the MCE for hosting them and promised that her advice giving to them won’t be in vain. They are really glad for such an insightful motivation, they promised her that they will lift the flag of the party high even beyond boundaries. They continued to thank the regional and National women organisers for embracing them.

Story: Augustine Odei


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