John Mahama has no second chance to Jubilee House likewise Satan has no second chance to Heaven – Razak Kojo Opoku

The falling of Satan the Devil and his demons from heaven after their heavy defeat by Archangel Michael was very synonymous with the heavy defeat of John Mahama and NDC in the 2016 general elections.

Since God has not given a second chance to Satan and Demons to go back to heaven to take their rightful place after their heavy defeat and fall, the Ghanaian Voters will never Vote a fallen John Mahama and NDC back to the Jubilee House.

John Mahama has lost it the same way Satan lost it. The glory of God has departed from John Mahama and respectfully I think that Lordina Mahama should advise her hullicinating and politically masterbated husband.

Ghanaian Voters embarrassingly voted against John Mahama in the 2016 general elections and there is absolutely no way Ghanaians will buy into John Mahama’s unrepented and empty slogan of “I have learnt my lessons; I will not repeat the mistakes again”.

A decorated monkey is still a monkey. A repackaged political armed-robber is still an armed-robber.

Incompetent delegates of NDC have once again elected incompetent John Mahama as the 2020 Presidential Candidate.

John Mahama and NDC should forget about 2020 general elections.

2020 is the judgement Day for John Mahama and NDC. Ghanaian Voters will send John Mahama and NDC into the politically bottomless pit.

… Signed…
Razak Kojo Opoku
(CVM Founder and President)


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