Anas fined over his “number 12” documentary video

The aura of invincibility surrounding controversial journalist Anas Armeyaw Anas is crumbling after he suffered yet another legal blow over his No.12 football investigation this time in the case brought forward by Hon. Robert Sarfo Mensah.

A high court ruling has struck out Anas’ conditional appearance and hit him with eight hundred (GHc800) Ghana cedis fine for abusing court processes.

Slapped with a defamatory suit and abuse of human rights by former Director General of the National Sports Authority in Ghana Hon. Sarfo Mensah, the under-fire journalist filed a conditional appearance to strike out the suit, quoting wrong acts to support their claim.

The high court judge found Anas’ conditional appearance as an act of trying to mislead the court, hence striking it out and slapping him with a fine of GHC800. investigations have revealed that after the Writ of Summons and Statement of Claim were served on the Defendant at the instance of the Plaintiff, Anas and his Tiger Eye PI team deemed the writ to be in error, hence filing a conditional appearance to strike out the writ.
The defendants, Anas Armeyaw Anas and Tiger Eye PI, filed the conditional appearance under Order 9 of the High Court Civil Procedure Rules but filed a motion to be moved under Order 11, Rule 18 to strike out the writ.
The unpardonable act of abuse of the court’s process was pointed out to Anas and Tiger Eye, forcing their lawyer Kissi Agyarbeng to eat humble pie by withdrawing their motion.

For withdrawing the motion after trying to mislead the court, Anas and Tiger Eye were fined GHC800 for abusing the court process.

The latest court defeat comes just few weeks after Ibrahim Sannie Daara secured a first round knock-out over the controversial journalist.
Anas was seeking to dodge the human rights case brought against him by Sannie Daara by asking one of his lawyers to appear on his behalf.

The judge rejected the move and ruled that Anas or his Tiger Eye team must appear and answer to the court action.

Hon. Sarfo Mensah dragged Anas and Tiger Eye for defamation and violation of his fundamental human rights.

This becomes the second time in less than a month that the controversial journalist Anas Armeyaw Anas is sweating profusely over a court case following this highly contested No.12 investigation.

Anas’ cup of cut-and-paste journalism appears full as several legal suits are being fired at him after his No.12 Exposé.

Before this, his work had gone almost unchallenged but the football investigation has brought intense scrutiny exposing his style of work that has brought him massive criticism.

Previously his own Facebook wall was full of praise for his work but since maverick MP Hon. Kennedy Agyepong embarked on a mission to expose what he called ‘the dark side of Anas’ work, large swathes of the public have turned against him.


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