Nomination forms for the Greater Accra Regional Handball Association Elective Congress Ready

The nomination forms are ready and anyone interested in going for a position should please get in touch with the Secretary General.

The various positions and their fees are as follows:

-President 500 Cedis
-Vice President 400 Cedis
-Secretary General 300 Cedis
-Financial Secretary 300 Cedis
-Organizing Secretary 300 Cedis

The forms will be endorsed by 2 GAHA Voting members and should be submitted by October 25, 2019 at 5PM to either the President or the Secretary General.

Elective Congress will ne done a week to the Champion of Champions and the handing over will be done after the Champion of Champions.

Any other information will be communicated in due time.

Thank you,
Eric S. Adjeyi,
Secretary General, GAHA.


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