“Things are falling in our education system. Help rescue now” – William Boadi to Napo

Dear Education Minister,

With rapt attention, kindly take this humble advice for the benefit of our young ones and country.

I know you are really anxious for our children to do well in school. And, I want to remind you that, Teachers and Students are still waiting for the new teaching and learning materials to support the new curriculum implementation process. As at 7th week on the academic calendar, there are no textbooks, audio/visual materials relating to the new curriculum. Teachers are stranded because government has cautioned them not to use the old books. Please why? and I know the resource pack book is not for the pupils but to provide gist of the curriculum to teachers. Aren’t they the ones that needed it the most? In fact, Ghanaians are worried.

Please check this, amongst the students who will be sitting for their exams at the end of every term, there is an Artist who doesn’t need to understand Maths, an Entrepreneur who doesn’t care about History or English Literature, a Bilinguist/Translator whose Chemistry marks won’t matter and a sport person whose physical fitness must be considered more than their grades in Physics. We need holistic education system to train talents, fish out more skillful and competent students to solve national problems after graduation. Please think about it.

The Free S.H.S policy is good but we need citizens without political lens to curb the challenges. Also, do not ignore the kindergarten to Junior High school level. They need more attention.

Mr. Minister, our education system is only training sophisticated criminals to threaten our security system in the country. The subjects are too packed and unnecessary to some students. Others may just go through the education system and become a liability. And, swiftly, we need entrepreneurship education system with the needed materials provided to train skillful generation.

Besides, teachers are the pivot in our education system and they must be given the best conditions of service to train the pupils very well for future.

Sadly, publishers too are starving; for they are jobless now! Government have warned them not to sell the old books. Speed up and give them the green light to boost their businesses.

Mr. Minister, it’s not too late to provide the materials or hold on with the implementation of the new curriculum and prepare very well. Because, if it must be done, it must be done well.

Take note; Quality education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.

Be a citizen of Ghana not a party citizen. Ghana first.

Educate Ghana Summit… We educate the nation.


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