“I will disregard wearing of Facemask” – Sam George touts

Member of parliament for Ningo-Prampram, Sam George has given indication he will disregard calls for him to wear Facemask, so long as President Nana Akufo Addo doesn’t wear one. The wearing of a Facemask has been advocated as one of the best ways of halting the spread of the virus.

In a Facebook post on May 12, Sam George alleges that the president appeared in public without wearing Facemask. He went on to accuse the president of not leading my example. But when a commentator averted his mind for appearing in public without Facemask, the Ningo Prampram MP, who has gained notoriety for being associated with issues that have little or no impact on his constituents, said he was just taking a lesson from the President.

“I am following the President’s footsteps. I would continue to disregard the call to wear face masks until the President does same.”

Ironically, Sam George’s decision not to wear Facemasks was days before the issue of the president not wearing Facemasks became an issue. He was alleged to have invaded a premises in Accra, where the EC was holding a program for its staff.


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