WHO Finally congratulates Madagascar, supports the country’s Covid-19 herbal remedy

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has sent its congratulations to Madagascar on its efforts in finding a potential discovery of a coronavirus cure, a herbal remedy, called COVID Organics.

The health organisation mended fences with the Southern African country, on Wednesday following a virtual meeting between the country and Tedros Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the WHO.

Andry Rajoelina, the President of Madagascar stated that the WHO declared their support for COVID Organics, reports.

Rajoelina, who made this known via Twitter, said the United Nations specialised agency on global health expressed its support for the clinical observation of the ‘tonic’ touted as cure for coronavirus.

He said, “Successful exchange with Tedros Ghebreyesus who commends Madagascar’s efforts in the fight against COVID-19 and congratulates us for the discovery of COVID Organics.

“WHO will sign a confidentiality clause on its formulation and will support the clinical observations process in Africa.”

The Madagascar President said the meeting followed the invitation by WHO to register the drug for clinical trials in fighting the coronavirus, adding that his country would prove the effectiveness of the COVID Organics.

Madagascar sent consignments of the herbal drug made from Artemisia annua to African nations.

Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, received the consignment apportioned to Nigeria from President Umaro Embaló of Guinea Bissau on Saturday, saying it would be subjected to scientific validation.


8 thoughts on “WHO Finally congratulates Madagascar, supports the country’s Covid-19 herbal remedy

  1. Super interesting my friend!! How is that Rajeolina said the Who accepted It after he said that they tried yo bribe him?


  2. The Creator Has Given The Cure To The Man For the Diseases Of Earth Thru The Herbs Of The Fields amd The Plants From The Ground. Man Cannot Improve on What YaHuWaH Has Given us

    Africa!!! Light Cone From Africa!!


  3. It is now July 2021. So more than a year has passed. What has the scientific validation of COV now revealed? Does the agent actually work against Covif19 ???


  4. This is a good move. Every medicine that we are using today originated from plants, animals or synthetic substances. It has to go through several stages for it to be accepted world over for use. African is Rich with various species of plants, so it’s possible that we have not searched enough for medical remedies amidst us because we’ve been dependant on ready made things.
    Thank you Madagascar, keep the candle burning until you reach there!!


  5. I have a friend rhat is a successful business man and a credible guy.
    Please fact Check this storey and since last year to Now nothing happened to this product?? Please find the Thuth!!!


  6. I agree! It’s important to fact check this. Nothing about it has been written in Independent media channels.


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