“You Are Not Correct, You Are Gluttons” – Adu Asare to Pastor Otabil And Duncan Williams

Ghanaian pastors are not correct and on top of that they are gluttons, a member of the National Democratic Congress, Adu Asare has stated with no shame.

The former Member of Parliament for the Adenta constituency made the above disparaging comment on an Accra based radio station which was monitored by Wontumionline.com .
Mr. Adu Asare was in no mood to spare respected men of God such as Pastor Mensah Otabil and Archbishop Duncan Williams; claiming that their silence is hypocritical.

According to him some of the pastors who are considered influential men of God only find their voice when the NDC is power but go mute when the NPP is in power.

Addressing an issue which had to do with the Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare’s opinion on the financial sector cleanup exercise, Adu Asare attacked other men of God for not contributing on the matter.

In his view, the other men of God had decided to remain mute because they are not correct and are gluttons.

The former Adenta MP stated that Ghanaian pastors could not be trusted when the New Patriotic Party is in power.

“We don’t have correct pastors in the country. They have loaded their mouth with food and wearing cassock”, he said.

In his virtual sermon on Sunday, July 19, 2020, which was themed: ‘Getting rid of envy’, Bishop Agyinasare said the same “demons” that possessed politicians in the days of old to collapse local businesses were still lingering and causing havoc.

He said they are “still at work today and we must exorcise this nation from that demon otherwise we are far from going forward”.

“I have been asking myself: So, for Dr Kwabena Duffuor, under whose time as Minister of Finance, we had the best economic growth rate of 14 per cent, there was nothing we could do with his bank?”


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